Saturday, December 26, 2015

December Daily: Dec 22

My boys are all feeling the post-Christmas tiredness and all three of them are still in bed!  Meanwhile it's lovely and quiet for me LOL

On Tuesday it was Mike's last night of work... he's got almost two weeks off and we're looking forward to spending a bit of time together... although knowing Mike there will be plenty of little 'projects' he wants to do!

So back to Tuesday... there were little packages arriving in the mail and on the courier this week and Dougal did manage to open one before we had a chance to stop him.  Turns out it was a really pretty summer scarf that Michael bought for me.  Dougal got himself all wrapped up in it and it did look very pretty but one small boy does not need any more things that don't belong to him!  Thankfully the scarf was a 'just because' present and not a Christmas gift!

Michael has been buying bigger things on Trade Me too!  He scored a really great coffee table for our lounge... complete with a drawer for putting all the various remotes into.  It has a couple of scuff marks on the top and one leg but he also got it for 10% of the actual cost... you can't complain about that!

Since the new coffee table fits in with the TV cabinet in the lounge we had to move my HUGE coffee table to the family room but it actually works there really well.  Even better... I was able to get out my table runner, crackers and stars so the family room looks really festive now.

Tuesday was also a lovely hot day... the perfect kind of day for washing Toby... not that Toby thought so!  He really doesn't love having a bath but he is pretty compliant.  Here's how the bath routine works:
  • I get the warm water running through the shower attachment and into the bucket
  • Next an old towel goes down into the bath... stops the slipping and sliding effect
  • Then Toby actually jumps into the bath and onto the towel at which point the tail goes down!
  • I lather him up with his special soap and talk quietly to him while giving him a good massage and he puts his ears down and closes his eyes
  • Then the shower attachment gets used to thoroughly rinse the soap off
  • Out comes Toby's special 'pink Bratz' towel and he jumps out of the bath onto another old towel
  • I give him a bit of a rub down and wrap his body in the Bratz towel 
  • Toby gets maneuvered outside wrapped in the towel without being allowed to shake inside!
  • Door gets shut... Toby howls and cries to come in... Mumma goes to clean up the bathroom!
Michael has started to call Toby 'Eeyore' because he just looks so sad when he's having a bath... but he LOVES it when he's all dried off and he's allowed back in again.  It must FEEL a lot better with all the loose hair gone too!

For my creative pieces I used an old piece of dictionary paper that I'd coloured with distress stains.  I layered on a holly stamp and heat embossed it with silver.  Then I added a small piece of Christmas ephemera from my stash along with the date star.

For the lower piece I die cut a small reindeer from silver glitter cardstock, layered it onto black cardstock and then added a cork star... simple!

So that was our Tuesday :)

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