Sunday, December 27, 2015

December Daily: Dec 24

Christmas Eve was certainly one of creativity in our household!  Michael is really good at turning my ideas into a reality.  I had a couple of old printers trays that I thought might be good for housing all those little things like jump rings, brads, eyelets, trinkets etc.  The idea was a good one BUT you need somewhere to store it... somewhere that's easily accessible and somewhere that's not going to require moving lots of things to get to it.

I told Mike my idea and let him think about it and he came up with a brilliant plan!  Attach them to the underside of my big work table on rollers!  Now they can slide out to reveal all the little sections and I can find exactly what I want... and then as soon as I'm done I simply roll the printers tray back under my table again... it's the perfect solution!

Meanwhile Dougal thought HE had the perfect storage idea for the printers trays... according to him they're be the ideal spot to keep little treats for him and Toby!  I DO see his point... but it's not a happening thing!

Since Michael had been having a whole lot of luck on Trade Me I decided that I'd give it a go too.  We'd taken the dining table downstairs to my art studio so I had a look to see if there was anything on Trade Me to replace it with and I found a beautiful oak table along with four matching chairs.  Better still I got it for a bargain price!  We went and picked it up on Christmas Eve and it fits perfectly into the dining area and it adds so much character... I really, really like it!

Toby's 'spare' teddy met a dismal fate on Christmas Eve.  He has 'his' teddy which he does unspeakable things to (if you know what I mean)... quite often when there's people visiting or else while Mike and I are trying to eat our dinner!  He also has a 'spare' teddy which he's taken pretty much no notice of for months and months but on Christmas Eve morning he must have decided that he didn't want his 'spare' teddy anymore and within a few short minutes poor teddy had NO FACE!  There was stuffing all over the backyard and teddy got very, very dirty.  I have no idea why... but he isn't ready to let teddy go just yet and he has continued to de-stuff him for the past couple of days!

While all the de-stuffing was going on I was busy in my art studio making a 3D Santa Boot and I love how it turned out.  The pattern is from the Silhouette store and cost a mere $1.50 but it was a fabulous pattern to work with.  Around the top of the boot there are 30 tufts which needed white brads... but I didn't have any white brads... so I used silver brads... wiped the tops in my Perfect Medium ink pad... dipped them into white embossing powder... and heated them with the heat gun... ta da... white brads!

I followed the instructions step by step and only made one little modification which was around the lacing pieces and I'm thrilled with the final result!  Here's a better look:

For my creative pieces on this page I made some more tufts but slightly smaller... and another few white brads along with the date star.  The second piece was cut using my Cameo and I think it looks pretty cute.

So now you know what we were up to just before Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you Shell! Have a great 2016, I look forward to all your projects.

    1. Hi Roxi :) Merry Christmas to you as well!

  2. Fantastic 3D Santa Boots - you have taking the Silhouette cutter to a whole new level of craftyness. Poor Teddy - my fur girls had a toy mouse that didn't survive the day - he's already in tatters & his squeak is gone :)

    1. Thanks Mary-Lou :) really enjoying using the Silhouette again! Funny how our fur babies take a liking to a toy and then wreck it LOL


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