Tuesday, May 3, 2016

NBUS Fish cards

Hi there :)  Following on from yesterday's post about my NBUS fish cards... you might recall that I said I was 'hoping' to add some colour to my fish.  At the end of the last post they looked like this:

Well, it was Michael's turn to cook last night and we had fabulous hamburgers for dinner and then we sat down to watch some TV... and to be honest I was feeling a bit tired... and then around 9pm I suddenly got my 'second wind' and I grabbed my cards, my Peerless watercolours and my water brush and I got painting.

I absolutely adore the Peerless watercolours... they're vibrant and the colours blend together so well.  Of course the lighting was terrible but when I finished I did take a photo with my phone camera and here's the painted card fronts:

This morning I folded some cardstock and made three cards and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out.  I managed to get some decent photos this afternoon when I got home from work so here you go:
 stay strong

 kindle your spark of madness

And my personal favourite... stay brave

Of course I also needed a group photo:
I was showing one of the ladies at work a photo of what I'd been making and she said she'd love to have them framed in her bathroom... I might have to look into making some especially for her.

It turns out that using NBUS really can be super exciting... and very satisfying too!

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  1. Love the way these turned out, so fun. Cara x

  2. Oh, yes, you were so right to watercolor them, Shell! Now to look at them before, they definitely look "unfinished." You have a great eye for design and all three paintings are matted perfectly into cards. It would be cool if you made something for your friend's bathroom and how fun to have your art framed in someone's home!! Thanks for letting me know you added the subscribe button! Keep on excavating your NBUS mountain!! Hugs, Darnell


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