Friday, November 25, 2016

30 Days of Thankful and something sweet!

I think I say it each time... but I really love this little project and I'm certainly enjoying seeing my wee album develop as the month goes on!  Another week has flown by and all of a sudden it's the weekend again. As always, click on the images to make them larger.

Nov 15:  Krystal's surgery being a success (update at the end of the post)

Nov 16: Not being the one at home when Nivea made this mess

Nov 17: Having an umbrella in the car

Nov 18: All the 'little things' in life

Nov 19: A fun night in!

Nov 20: A glorious morning at the Farmers Market

I've also made the title page for my album and I'm pretty pleased with it:

While Krystal was in the hospital, one of my colleagues also had a loved one in Intensive Care and we were all pretty worried about her.  We decided to make her a care package once she was safely in a ward to wish her a speedy recovery and I made some cupcakes.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy baking cupcakes and making them look all pretty but I did remember to take a photo of them!  What do you think?  Apparently the recipient loved them and even though she's not really a cake person she said they were delicious... pretty high praise really!

I'm happy to report that Krystal is doing well.  She was in hospital for several days and is now having home check-ups with the health nurse.  She's had quite a major operation and is likely to need at least four weeks recuperation time.  I've been visiting her every afternoon when I finish work and although she's still very sore and tired she is in good spirits.  

Thanks so much for visiting xx


  1. Oh Shell what a fabulous set of pages - I love your bed photo, and it's good to hear that Krystal is doing well after surgery.

  2. Sending lots of healing thoughts for Krystal. Taking the time to recover is most important. Your photo of the umbrella is fantastic.

    Oh cupcakes, so much less guilt when you have a second one, not like when you have that second piece of cake, no not me of course, someone else ...


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