Saturday, November 5, 2016

It's been a while...

... actually it's been a long while!

My last blog post was June 12th so just for fun I Googled how many days from then until now and would you believe there is actually a whole website dedicated to calculating the time between two dates.  It's called Calendar 12 and here are the results:

So after four months it's time for me to 'get back on the horse' so to speak and do a bit of a catch up... plus I've got a little project that I want to share.

There's no way I can actually catch up the last 4 months completely but there was one event that I had fantastic photos for... yes it's all about the visuals LOL

Back in June I celebrated another birthday... not a major one but lets say I'm now closer to 50 than to 40... where has the time gone???  Krystal asked me out for a 'fancy schmancy' birthday lunch and of course I accepted and here's a couple of photos I took on the day:
 The menu



I've also been to a scrapbooking retreat where I actually made a few cards (I'll share photos next time)... had a few changes at work (still teaching)... and done some projects around our home... actually Michael does the projects and I just take photos.

In the meantime, I've decided to join in Cathy Zielske's 30 Days of Thankful mini class.  I've been a long time fan of Cathy's clean and simple designs.  Over the years I've bought loads of her photoshop templates and even done a couple of online classes with her.  What appealed to me most about the 30 Days of Thankful project was that it focuses on the good... and there's always good!

So, having made the decision to do this project I purchased yet another of Cathy's templates thinking I would create a 6 x 8 album.

Then I decided that I would make a 6 x 4 album since I didn't want to make the project bigger than I needed to... but no problem I could still use the templates I had purchased.  I found a font I really liked called KG Lego House (it's free!) and then I even did a test run at the end of October.

I really liked the look but it still wasn't quite resonating with me... and if you're a creative soul you'll know that if it doesn't resonate it starts to feel like something not so fun anymore.  So I pondered and while I pondered I did a quick visit to Spotlight and I found some stinking cute mini albums!

I didn't actually buy one during that visit but the seed had been planted and over the next few days my mind kept busy thinking about it and then today I went back to Spotlight and purchased one of these cute little babies:

It's an album for Instagram photos so it's cute... and little... and I love that it's a bit fun to look at with it's kraft colour and big white polka dots!  I also bought some WRMK 4x4 photo sleeves and now I'm all set.  The WRMK photo sleeves fit perfectly into the D-ring of the album!

I must have known that I was going to love this size... I've never made a 4x4 inch album before but I dare say this won't be the last one I do!  I had my photos and text ready so I went to the photo lab and had everything printed off and it's PERFECT!  Even Michael said... it's a bit cute really isn't it?
In the end I made my own Photoshop templates for the photos and text but I 'borrowed' the titles from Cathy's templates which I had purchased.  I wasn't too worried about purchasing the templates because I really like them and I think I might just turn them into my December Daily pages this year... then again I might change my mind again... you never can tell around here!

So now it's time to share my first five days of 30 Days of Thankful. (If you click on the images they'll enlarge so you can read them easily)

Nov 1: Today I'm grateful for fresh fish for dinner

Nov 2: Today I'm grateful for coming home to a clean kitchen bench

Nov 3: Today I'm grateful for remembering to make pizza dough before I went to work

Nov 4: Today I'm grateful for the end of the week

Nov 5: Today I'm grateful for Michael checking the bike carefully

So there you have it... I'm really pleased with my first five days and it's already turning into a fun project.  Thanks for stopping by for a visit xx


  1. Good to see you here again Shell - love your album and the resulting pages :-)

  2. Wonderful to see you again Shell. Your Thankful album is fantastic. Cannot wait to see you get started on your December Daily (col).


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