Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yes, I'm still here!

Hi there :)

My poor blog has been a bit neglected lately... but it's not because I've had nothing to share!  I've got so many things that I've been doing lately including craft stuff, school stuff, house stuff and other stuff!

Since it's been a few weeks since my last blog I thought I'd share some snippets of what has been keeping me busy the most... school!

As most of you will be aware, I took on a permanent teaching position at a special needs school at the end of last year... and I LOVE it!  I feel like I've got passion for my career again... and that's a mighty good feeling!  One of the things I love about my job is that I'm learning so much... and in a special needs school it's all holistic. 

I've always been a teacher who teaches from the heart... which is why I take things so personally when they're not going well... but it's also why I get so much fulfillment from what I do.  To be honest I don't know how to teach any other way.  I got into teaching for the children... and I remain in teaching for the children. Which brings me to what I want to share today.

When I inherited my classroom it was honestly one of the most boring and neglected teaching spaces I've ever been in.  The entire classroom needs a makeover and I'm happy to report that we are supposed to be getting new floor coverings in the next school holidays.

In the meantime I've been doing my best to improve the classroom environment and four weeks into the school year, I'm pretty pleased with how things are going.

Just before school started I organised with Mum and Krystal to have a working bee in my classroom... to do some painting.  But we weren't painting walls... we were painting cupboard doors and a table.

Here's three generations of family working together:

 Krystal and Mum got busy painting sunflowers and cute little bugs:

Here's a few close ups:

And of course bugs will need some flowers to hang out with:

Here's the finished cupboard doors:

The kids LOVE their new cupboards and one of the boys often goes up to the door and makes 'buzzing' noises... very cute!

While Mum and Krystal were busy I was getting on with a couple of projects of my own... first of all a table for the kids to eat their morning tea and lunch:

Yes, it's a proper magic toadstool!  The kids love it and call it the 'picnic' table!

I was also working on some cupboard doors in our class kitchen:

Can you see where I'm heading with these doors??

By this stage we'd been at school for several hours so it was time to head home for some tea.  On Saturday Krystal was working but Mum and I went back to do a bit more painting.

Painting is serious business you know:

Almost done:

And here's the finished cupboard doors back in their rightful places:

Meet 'George' and 'Mildred':

And here's the finished picnic table all set up:

We've now made placemats for the kids to put their plates on and it really looks cute all set up.  I actually have six children in my class but on this day I had a couple away.

So that's my classroom so far.  We've actually done HEAPS more to make it look nicer since then but I'll share that in another post.

It's good to be 'back'... thanks for visiting xx


  1. That is awesome Shell, you, Erin and Krystal have done an amazing painting job. Just adore George and Mildred and the bugs. Love the table it looks so fresh and inviting to sit down at. Good for you. xx

  2. What a fabulous team effort - and no wonder the kids love it - it looks fabulous!!

  3. Having a catch up of your blog ... I really like what you & the family did to improve your classroom. I think my favourite is George & Mildred. Such a special place for the kids.


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