Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Easter everyone :)

Hi there :)

Officially, Easter is over for another year.  We've had a house full of people this Easter and it's been great... but now I've got the house to myself... and Toby and Nivea of course... and it's quiet and peaceful which is also great!

We had an abrupt end to the school term on Thursday when Cyclone Cook decided to make an appearance.
Cyclone Cook over Lake Taupo
 Instead of doing everything we planned on Thursday we were ringing the parents of our children to ask them to come and get them because the Ministry of Education decided to close all the Rotorua schools early.  We could see the rain coming... the skies were getting darker and we knew the wind was on it's way.

I knew that Toby and Nivea would probably be freaking out at home so I was really pleased to get back to them at lunchtime before the worst of it hit.  There were lots of road closures happening too, so I was super pleased that Michael was able to get home from work early as well.
Road Closures near Matamata
Michael's daughter (Roxanne) was due to come up for Easter and we didn't know if she and Alesha would be able to get through the roads from Wellington but they arrived bright and early on Good Friday.

My Mum officially retired and had her last day of work on Thursday so she came over for Easter as well and Krystal came and joined in on the festivities too!

On Sunday morning Mum, Krystal and I all got busy in the kitchen and cooked a big breakfast for everyone... super delicious!  We had hash browns, breakfast sausages, streaky bacon, mushrooms in a creamy sauce and French toast... oh my!  Ten minutes after this photo was taken there was barely anything left!

So, on with the crafting... a few weeks ago a bubble bag arrived in my mailbox filled with all sorts of treasures... they're the best kind of parcels a crafter could wish for!  Inside this particular parcel was a new die for making 3D cards - Lawn Fawn - Scalloped Box Card Pop-Up.

Michael thought I was crazy making Easter cards so early... but I'm glad I did because school got crazy busy in the last few weeks of the term and I got no crafting done at all!  Today I'm officially on school holidays YIPPEE!

So back to the cards... I made one for my youngest sisters children (she has three girls).  Since they're all girls I went with pink colours:

My other sister also has three children (two boys and a girl) so I used a bit of blue for their card:

I fully intended taking some 'staged' photos of my cards... I even bought myself a gorgeous Easter bunny to help set the scene... and then I kept putting it off and putting it off and putting it off some more.  The next thing I knew it was Easter weekend and one of my sisters called in to collect the cards and eggs before heading off to see the other sister and I had to make do with a horrible rainy day for my photos.  I'm feeling a little bit grateful that I managed to take photos at all to be honest.

I've got lots of crafting to show you... including a new crafting space... but since I'm on school break I'll have more time for blogging so I'll share all that soon.

Here's a gorgeous wee girl talking to her Dad about Easter... we've watched this several times over Easter and I'm still loving it!

I hope you have all had a safe and happy Easter xx


  1. Man!!! I'm coming to your house for breakfast next year!

    So glad you had a long weekend of fun and family but now have a chance to wind down and get crafty. Your cards for the kids are awesome. xx

  2. Love the pop up boxes you made, just adorable. Glad you all stayed safe and were able to enjoy Easter together. Cara x


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