Monday, July 17, 2017

It's Monday... and there's no baby yet!

Hi there :)  Bubs has still not made an appearance into the world.  Mikayla is currently 5 days overdue and she's tried EVERYTHING to get baby going... although we are waiting for the naturopath lady to get back to us. 

In the meantime I thought it might be a good idea to get out of the house and take some photos... so Mikayla took me all over Invercargill looking at old buildings (many of them churches) and we spent a happy couple of hours just hanging out together.

When we got home it was getting pretty dusky but we grabbed Chris and went to the park for an impromptu photo shoot.  Most of the photos were terrible due to awful lighting and out of focus shots but I've got a couple to share with you.

Here's Mikayla and Chris by the water fountains at the entrace to Queens Park... Mikayla was standing on the wall around the fountain!

They also had a 'chat' with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell to try and see when baby might make and appearance but they didn't have a clue either:

For those of you interested in seeing a little of what Invercargill has to offer I thought I'd share some of my favourite photos with you.  I'm sharing the photos 'as is'... no photoshopping... no touch ups... just the way they turned out... apart from my blog label of course. 

Invercargill Water Tower

War Memorial Clock

St John's Anglican Church

First Presbyterian Church

St Mary's Basilica

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today... and fingers crossed my next post is to announce my grandbaby's safe arrival xx


  1. Shell these are wonderful photos - love some of the angles you have captured. It was lovely to see part of the country I have never visited through your lens.
    Here's hoping that baby arrives sooner rather than later

    1. Thanks Maxine :) I've always liked taking photos of buildings... especially old ones. So pleased you liked seeing them. Totally agree with you re baby's arrival! xx


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