Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Chloe had a party :)

Hi there :)  On Saturday we had a special little celebration... a surprise baby shower for Mikayla and Chloe.  Krystal had been wanting to do a baby shower for Mikayla but with her living in Invercargill it just wasn't 'do-able' so we decided to throw her a surprise baby shower while they were here on holiday... they're here for a few more days so Nana is very happy :)   There were loads of photos but I've managed to cull it down to just 26 of my favourites.

Here's the wee party girl

I had my first go at making a banner and totally loved how it turned out so I did some bunting complete with baby photos to go along the wall.

Then we had another little area dedicated to our photo booth... so much fun!  We also had a 'Guess how many babies in the bottle' competition.

Next we had the present and party favour table.  The beautiful leather hatbox was from Luna Creative (more on that in a moment) and the gorgeous mantle clock was given to my grandparents when my dad was only a little boy.  So special to have this in my own home.

Instead of everyone bringing your traditional baby gifts we asked everyone to donate a book to Chloe's bookshelf and it turned out to be a great idea!  Chloe now has lots of new books that Mikayla will be able to read to her as she grows up.

Krystal had ordered favour boxes but they didn't arrive in time so the night before the party Michael and I were up making these little boxes.  Actually we had quite a lot of fun making them and they were much more personal.  Each favour box contained some individually packaged tea bags (since the party was a high tea) along with a gorgeous felt and lavender bookmark created by Krystal and three heart chocolates.

These next favours were just a fun little add on... baby rattles to hold a Chubba lollipop.

Ok... remember I mentioned Luna Creative regarding the hat box?  Well Sarah from Luna Creative has all sorts of vintagy goodness that she hires out for weddings, engagements, parties and of course high teas.  We hired all sorts of goodies from her including vintage tea cups, plates, cake stands, bird cage, pretty flowers and a drinks dispenser.  We also hired a small chalk board (which Sarah wrote on for us... she does gorgeous chalk work) as well as a huge frame for our photo booth and of course the hat box.

We were super impressed with her service and totally support local people doing a fab job!  Click the logo to visit her Facebook page.

Now you'll get to see all the lovely vintage cups, plates and cake stands :)

Hummus and crackers

Time for some more decorations... this was the gorgeous bird cage we hired and we filled it with flowers, jewels and LED tea light candles... so pretty!  There were also a few more photos of Miss Chloe propped up on the birdcage.

Here's Sarah's beautiful chalk work.

Every little girl needs a tiara :) 

A quick photo with Aunty Krystal and Nana

Chloe wasn't interested in how many jelly babies were in the bottle LOL

Much more alert for Aunty Krystal... and ready to play the Baby Bingo game Aunty organised.

Mummy (Mikayla) showing Chloe some of her new books.

Kiwicorn is a seriously good book with a beautiful message... if you have children or grandchildren I highly recommend it.  Good choosing Aunty Krystal!

Aunty Krystal made the cake complete with 'naked' icing and fresh roses... and I have to say it not only looked beautiful it was also delicious!

This is actually one of my favourite photos from the party... apart from the 'Chloe photos' of course!

And by the end of the party one little girl just needed to close her eyes. Such a lovely photo of my two 'babies'.

To all our family and friends who came to meet Chloe on Saturday... thank you so much for joining us.  Krystal and I really appreciated your company and support.
Thanks so much for visiting my little corner of the world and sharing in our celebration xx

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  1. What a lovely afternoon you must have had - and Chole is beautiful!


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