Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I spy

The latest challenge on No 8 Wired is to look around your life and create a LO about something that is just a normal part of your everyday life.

During the school holidays I was over in Hamilton and my nephew decided to come in Auntie's car... no problem... UNTIL... he announced that we would play 'I spy'. For anyone that hasn't played I spy with an almost 5 year old it's a very humbling experience! So here's my take on the challenge:

The journalling reads:

Aidan: I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘r’
Auntie: rainbow
Aidan: no
Auntie: roundabout
Aidan: dramatic sighing… no
Auntie: rugby lights - I thought that was quite a good one!
Aidan: see Auntie that’s what I’m NOT talking about
Auntie: well gee… I feel really dumb now!!!…hmm I don’t know
Aidan: It’s REAGAN!
Auntie: well of course it is… duh!!! And if I’d only used my x-ray vision I could have seen him 100km away!

Aidan: My turn again!! I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘t’
Auntie: traffic lights
Aidan: no
Auntie: tyres
Aidan: no way!
Auntie: tall buildings
Aidan: you’re not very good at this game are you Auntie!
Auntie: there’s nothing like a 4 year old to make an Auntie feel dumb… so I thought I’d be silly and guess… ‘SUNGLASSES’
Aidan: Yes! - how did you get it Auntie?
Auntie: gee I don’t know honey… maybe I’m better at this game than we thought!

On top of these little gems we also had 'j'... now there aren't that many things beginning with 'j'... I guessed judder bars and jumping (you never know with a 4 year old!) But the answer came back... no Auntie... it's red and sticky and you put it on your bread.... it's jam!

Remind me to play this game when he's learned the rules a bit better! LOL

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Game in a tin

You know how sometimes you see something when you're browsing on the internet and it just sticks in your mind??? Well that's where this idea came from and I just can't find the link anymore.

I saw a cute wee project for a naughts and crosses game made inside a CD tin and thought I'd give it a go... here's my take on the project.

Then I saw the submission ideas for Up2Scrap (one of them was gifts for Fathers Day) and realised that a draughts board would be awesome... unfortunately it didn't get accepted but it was a VERY cool project to make. Would love to know what you all think of it!

Thanks for looking (and hopefully leaving a message!)... off to work on another idea :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

How lucky am I!!!

Second post of the day but just had to say THANK YOU :)

Way back on June 5th I was surfing a few blogs... and I stumbled across one of Jacqui's... she has 3 and they're all worth checking out! Anyway, she was asking for some ideas about classes and said that if you left a comment she would put your name into the draw to win one of the little felt notebooks she was making... and I won!!!

Today I check the mail box and there is a wee parcel from Australia... so THANK YOU Jacqui!.. Miss 15 has already decided that it would be perfect for her!

Parties, Scrapping and the Ultimate Scrapbooker Competion!

I'm definately getting better at updating regularly now... the diary reminders are really helping :)

First of all a big thank you to Hannah and Mrs Frizz (aka Michelle) for your comments on my blog. Glad you like the projects and would love to see your take on them :)

On Saturday my nephew had his 5th birthday (can't believe he's 5 already!). He really wanted a pirate party and his Mama obliged. She got busy and made the coolest invitations and loot bags for all the kids!!! And then there was the cake - complete with Captain Jack Sparrow!... way to go Sis!!!

On Sunday it was off to hockey for Miss 12 and then I finally managed to get some time in my scrap room. I did a LO for the July Challenge at Scrapbook Essentials. The theme was birthdays and I had some great cake photos of Miss 12's last birthday... and there's still 3 months to go before she turns 13 so I'm doing well!!! LOL

Miss 12 LOVES her LO... especially since she got to choose the stamp for the centre of the flower! I definitely earned myself some brownie points for that one :)

And for all you scrappers out there... Meg from Scrapbook Essentials has just announced a brand new competition... Scrapbookings Ultimate Champion!!! There's over $250 worth of prizes to be won and you need to register by 31st July. The challenges begin on the 1st of August and run for 7 weeks.... so why not give it a go!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another OTP Project

My sister's birthday was back in May and I never got around to adding her present to my blog so here it is now :)

I bought her a wine bottle holder and altered it to match in with her mothers day gift

I used more of the Phoebe papers from Basic Grey, added some ribbon, cord, letters and metal embellishments and punched out a few flowers.

I bought her HEAPS of jelly beans and layered them in the bottle (the girls had lots of fun with that... and of course there were quite a few beans that never made it into the bottle at all!) Then I made tags for each colour of bean and what they were for...

Her only complaint: Why are all the red and black ones at the bottom??? LOL

Friday, July 13, 2007

Just loved making this!

I'm determined to keep updating my blog more often now.... I've even written reminders to myself in my diary!

Lucky for me I'm the first born in the family which means there a heaps of photos of me when I was little (sorry Trac and Kate!) and I wanted to find a way to scrap lots of my favourites within one project. 7 Gypsies make a really cute purse and album so I used that along with papers from My Minds Eye (just gotta love them!!!) Hope you enjoy it :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where has the time gone???

The last couple of weeks... ok it's a bit longer than that... have just flown by! I saw Yolande on the weekend and nagged at her to get her blog up to date (which she has!!!) all the while knowing that mine needed some serious attention as well!

Ok here goes... I've been REALLY busy and creative and done quite a lot of scrapping lately. Just lucky that I've already taken the photos LOL
I'll start with LO's first: All of these LO's were for SBO challenges. The first challenge was to use a real estate billboard to inspire a layout and this is my take on it. This was quite a fun challenge and gave me the opportunity to do another layout for my home album.

The next LO was for the June monthly challenge. To scrap some winter photos... and my DD (12) provided the perfect photo opportunity. These photos were taken during her B.O.P. hockey trials... taken VERY early in the morning for 3 SUNDAYS in a row... in other words no sleep ins for me!! The good news is that it was all worth it when she found out that she'd made it into the development team! GO Mikayla!!!

The third LO challenge was provided by Nic Howard. Just LOVE her work!!! Anyway, Nic provided us with a sketch to use and the winner receives a copy of Nic's book... how could I NOT enter that one??? So here's my LO which is all about my DD's (15) best friend Holly.

Really enjoyed doing this LO and gave me an opportunity to use LOTS of flowers. Just love the colours and can't wait to show Miss Holly!!
Right that's it for now... will be back to upload some more later... promise :)