Monday, August 20, 2007

A fun LO

Hi everyone

I did this fun LO last week. One of the junior teachers from school asked me to dress up as Harold for the Life Ed programme and I had an absolute blast! I'm finding myself telling much more of the 'stories' in my journalling now... thanks Nic for that! Now I really need to buy your book!!! LOL

The journalling reads...

On Friday I was asked to dress up as Harold for the school assembly. Oh NO!!! But I bit the bullet and DID IT!!! And it was actually loads of fun! But it sure was HOT inside the costume and to be honest I couldn't see a lot.

After school Jessie (5) came to see me and said that Harold was dumb!

Really??? I had hurt feelings in spite of the fact that Jessie didn't actually know it was me inside the suit.

Yes... he only patted the GIRLS! And I wanted him to pat me on the head too!

Bugger! I didn't know that the teacher had sat them boy/girl/boy/girl and I patted every 2nd child!

Yeah but then he did something really funny!

Really?? What did he do?

He did this Whaea... and he wiggled his bum at me!

Thank goodness Harold's bum wiggle was good!!!

It's been a really busy weekend here... had an awesome day yesterday doing two classes at Create.

The first class was a masculine canvas which I did about my BIL and my nephew... I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

The second class was a feminine LO using loads of flowers, doodling and stitching but it's not finished yet.

Yolande was the tutor and she's fantastic... really easy to follow and always seems to know when you need a little bit of 'extra' help.... plus she's got some funny stories to share! Thanks for the great day Yolande :D

I'll get my LO finished tonight (hopefully) and get both of the projects photographed so you can have a look.


  1. How fun!! That costume is the cutest!! Did it get hot wearing it though? ;-) I love that you scrapped this and I love the purple you used ... it really rocks!

  2. LOL Shell...sounded fun being Harold:) He's real cute IRL as well:)


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