Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ahoy Mateys!

My nephew had his 5th birthday recently and he LOVES school! He think his teacher Mrs Nelson is wonderful... in fact he told me on the phone that 'she an even betterer teacher than you Auntie!' I'm taking that as a compliment!!!

His birthday was fantastic and his mum made a fantastic cake! I've been a bit slow to scrap a page for this major event but it's done now :)

I did this LO just for fun and then read about the August Challenge at SbO.. the challenge was to use at least one colour and one b & w photo on the same LO. As for Jack Sparrow... he's a very busy captain after school these days!


  1. I love that layout, Shell - very cool! The papers are awesome, and go so well with the Pirate theme!

    Glad to hear your nephew is loving school. Makes it so much easier to let go and let them grow up!! :-)

  2. Shell, am loving your blog:)

    Cool layout, makes me smile!


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