Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy Mail :)

Recently on Scrapbook Outlet we were talking about Happy Mail... for instance when ATC's arrive or the next Circle Journal or scrapping orders/packs etc. Anyway, Niella began wondering about how to make more HAPPY MAIL days, and get everyone else having more HAPPY MAIL days as well!

Kelly, Bronny and I all jumped on board and thought it was a great idea and next thing we know Niella and Kelly started a list of people wanting to join in and the whole thing just took off!

Then Niella decided to spoil us (because we left comments) with a surprise happy mail parcel and mine arrived in the mail yesterday! I was so excited that I even ripped it open while also trying to unlock the door... wonder what the neighbours thought I was up to??? And here is my happy mail parcel:

Here's a close up of my awesome little parcel: Niella made a mini handstitched felt pin cushion featuring an owl button, some journalling cards made out of pale blue index cards with cute little owls on them, some handmade (and stitched) felt flower embellishments, a cute silver dragonfly charm, some chipboard bits and pieces and a cool 'S'!

I've already got some ideas for how I'm going to use a few of these things plus I've already got a couple of Happy Mail parcels almost ready to go! Happy Mail ROCKS!!! Thank you so much Nie!!!


  1. wow gotta love happy mail, what a great idea and what nice mail you got. Lol at you opening the mail at the front door lol I do that too sometimes.

  2. You are so welcome Shell:)

    I love giving, that's the bestest bit ever w/ Happy Mail.

  3. Wow, love the happy mail Shell, mine hasn't arrived yet, now I just want to see it LOL :)


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