Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 3 - I HATE ivy!!!

Well it's the end of Day 3 and I really do hate ivy!!! I'm so tired of pulling this stuff out of the garden and its tendrils just seem to go on forever!!! We've found the 'mother' plant and the roots are about as thick as my thigh... PLUS we've found about another 4 main plants of it!

We dumped another trailer load of green waste this morning... and I have to say that the people at the green waste dump are so lovely :) They laugh every time we come through and always ask if this is the last load... I wish!!

So here's the progress we've made today: The washing line is completely in and I got two loads of washing dry! The sun has been on the washing ALL DAY and it's even had the breeze blowing through it... I love that!

Dave got the posts in the ground for the retaining wall and it's all been concreted in. When we got to the bottom of the retaining wall we found a drainage pipe going straight into the base so no wonder we had all that erosion happening. We've come up with a good solution though so at least it won't happen again!I've uncovered a really nice little garden that actually has a mowing strip right around it and half round post edging... I'm going to be able to plant that all up when we're done... but there will be NO IVY grown in there!I've almost filled the trailer again too! Mostly ivy today... did I mention that I really hate ivy??? LOL Plus we've been down to Bunnings and bought some new pungas to replace the ones that were rotten :)And then Dave installed my new hose reel on the garage wall... it's a very cool one with a little compartment inside to keep all the hose connectors :)I'm very happily tired tonight :) We've achieved quite a lot over the past few days so hopefully now we'll be able to actually make a start on the actual patio area.


  1. It's looking really good! You will be relieved to have done all that hard work and now you can start the thing you REALLY wanted to do!

  2. Woa another busy day for you, how neat you discovered a new garden bed! As Hannah said soon the hard slog will be over and the fun of replanting will begin :) Love that you replant some new pongas, I just adore those! And omg that Ivy!!! I'm starting to truely feel like that about Kaikouri (sp)?? grass. Been pulling that out from everywhere in the garden and those long tendrils are simply nasty!

  3. Wow, that sure is a big project going on there, bit different then scrappin' eh?
    But it's starting to look real nice, and those line for the washing are so great!
    Good luck with all the ivy.. sure know what you're talking about!

  4. It's pernicious stuff that ivy. Great when you want to cover something but awful when you don't want it!

    Good on you guys for doing all that work. Wish I could motivate myself in the same way! LOL!


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