Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Not much progress today

Well we were subjected to some rain today... nothing major but enough to be a pain in the neck. We've done a little more ivy pulling (maybe that could become a new sport???) and pulled up some more cobbles getting things ready. According to the weather reports we're in for a bit more rain tomorrow and then everything should come right again.

Dave is currently installing some new bathroom taps for me. When we moved into the house (almost 12 months ago) the cold tap in the bathroom had a drip so I figured it needed a new washer but NO!!! It needed a whole new tap so for the past 12 months we've been avoiding using the cold tap LOL

I bought a new set of taps... read the instructions... and would you believe that the company who made the taps has made a mistake and they aren't quite the right length so we've come up with a temporary solution thanks to the lovely man at Bunnings and hopefully tomorrow a representative from the company will be making a house call to sort it out.

While I haven't been so busy today I tried to catch up on some blogs and Ilka provided a great link for creating photo mosaics which I just had to try... so here's a photo mosaic of Days 1, 2 & 3:

Thanks for the link Ilka :) I had a lot of fun with it and I'm sure you're all going to see a few more photo mosaics in the future.


  1. love your Mosaic Shell and the trailer filled up with weeds like that is very impressive!

  2. Wow, great mosaic. Must go check out how it was done.

    Hey, too late now, but heres a tip for ivy. You cut it off at the bottom, wait for it all to die, then it just falls off. It takes a few weeks, but is really easy! Then just dig the stump out of the ground.

  3. Wow you guys have been doing some serious work. Funny about not using the cold tap for all that time lol


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