Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's been 3 weeks now!

This morning when I woke up I realised that we started this project three weeks ago... I really didn't have any idea when we started that we'd still be working on it... and I had no idea that this project would grow so big!

There's been a lot of highlights... and a few 'lowlights'... and I'm amazed at how many things I've learnt how to do along the way... my D.I.Y. skills have definitely grown a lot!

Last night (after I blogged) we all felt energetic... I think it was something to do with the cooler evening... Dave decided to start cutting batons for the fence railings. He's decided that his new saw is pretty cool too LOL

This doesn't happen very often but I decided to listen to a very wise piece of advice from Mum (don't go into shock Mum!)... she suggested that I give the pailings a coat of stain before putting the fence up... especially since we're not putting any gaps between them... and YES I did listen!!! I got them all stacked up on their sides and gave them the once over:By the time I'd done that Dave had some railings up so I got started painting them... you know you're keen when your painting before the 'builder' has even finished nailing things up LOLWe finally knocked off working at 9pm last night but it was so worth it to see how much we got done! This morning Krystal and I went to the gym since we missed our workout yesterday and on the way home we called into Bunnings for some supplies... as you do! :) Then when we got back Krystal decided to help me with the painting while Dave carried on putting up the railings.Yes that is my linen shirt!!! But I'll admit that it's an old one and I actually put MOST of the stain on it myself LOL Krystal worked really hard and by 3pm she'd done all of these!!!Dave finished getting all the railings on and I finished staining all of the posts black and then after a bit of a tidy up the three of us acid washed the concrete again... it's turned out really well this time so later on tonight we're going to put the first coat of sealer on it!!We had a bit of a break and Krystal had just sat down when Mr Tequila came up for a cuddle... I think he gets tired 'watching' us work!! So now we're having a bit of a break... having some dinner and chilling out while the concrete dries and then we're going to seal it so hopefully I'll have some great photos to share with you tomorrow :) Thanks to everyone for your comments!!! I love reading what you've been writing and it has been quite motivating too :)


  1. Sensible mum. How good to see you still do as you are told! LOL!

    You motivated me to start on our bathroom...

  2. Well done! I think you are doing an awesome job even if it's taking you a while. Think how much you'll enjoy sitting there when it's all done

  3. Gosh I am so amazed every time I catch up with your blog! Incredible what changes you've achieved in just 3 weeks, you guys are an awesome team and how cool your daughter helps so much! Hat off to her!Things are really taking shape now and I guess you're nearing the end, not long now and you can enjoy all the fruits of your hard work!Love these updates!

  4. OMG how hard are you working?? It is looking seriously fatastic tho, did you realyl need to go for a workout after all that hard work :)

    really you all have done a fantastic job :) Please be super proud of yourselves .....

  5. Its looking great!

    We have just completed some major deck and fence additions to our bach and it is so satisfying - but lots of hard work!

    I wonder it you will do what we have done - now look around for another project. Are we silly or what!


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