Friday, January 25, 2008

Another busy day :)

Dave took a much needed break today so I got on with staining the inside of the deck with the second coat. I'm not going to be humble... IT LOOKS GREAT!!! LOL I finally finished about 2pm and was so pleased with it... I moved all the pots back to their 'normal' positions and took some photos:I love how cool the blue pots look up next to the decking:And I've decided that one weekend... not sure when... I'm going to give my lovely park bench a bit of a makeover as well!

Dave got a burst of energy this afternoon and we measured out all the post heights for the fencing around the patio... it's pretty serious stuff too!Then it was out with the saw to trim everything up. I got the 'lovely' job of holding the tops of the posts while Dave did the cutting... sawdust is ITCHY!!!Then we took turns sanding the tops so that they were nice and flat and we even rounded off the tops a bit so that they'll match in with the fence capping :)Just as I was doing the last post I looked down and saw the most beautiful little punga frond poking up... it has survived being pulled around when we ripped out all that ivy... it's had concrete acid run over it... and it's been covered in dust, concrete and all sorts of other nasties but it's survived and looks really happy in it's little environment!

Well that's my break over... time to help Dave cut up pailings and batons for the fencing! Hopefully it will be another brilliant day tomorrow :)

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