Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Someone's been doing a rain dance!!!

Thank goodness they seem to be taking a rest! Speaking of rests... we had a wonderful day on Saturday... spent some time browsing around the shops in town and then bought some yummy treats and had a picnic out at Lake Tarawera. It was a perfect afternoon just chilling out and relaxing after all the hard work we did on Friday.

On Sunday I went up to Hamilton to pick up the girls from their Dad and they'd had a wonderful time. Their Dad and I seem to be on the 'same page' as far as parenting the girls go too which is fantastic and it's really great to have his support.

Then on Monday we were ready to get back into it and it RAINED all day! We didn't overly mind but then on Tuesday it RAINED all day again and we really did mind! We all started suffering from the indoor blues a.k.a. cabin fever! It was so frustrating to want to get outdoors again and not be able to!!!

Thankfully whoever was doing their little rain dance seems to have taken a break and after a very cloudy morning we've finally got some sunshine again and we're back into it :)
I've finally finished the first coat of the stain around the outside of the deck and started on the second coat. Can't believe how good it looks!!!

I've also painted the posts of the driveway part of the fence so that we can start to put up the battons and pailings. I can't do the ones around the patio yet because we still need to acid wash the concrete before we can seal it... hopefully it will be fine all day tomorrow so that we can get that done.While I've been busy doing that Dave has put the vents into the fibro so that's all ready for painting now too :)Dave took the boxing off the concrete and it's looking pretty good. On the facing side of the steps I've got some terracotta tiles that we're going to cut to size and put on... can't wait to see how that will look!Then Dave got stuck into digging out the last of the grape... I couldn't believe how far down it went but it really is all gone now!And as we speak Dave is spraying pretty purple paint to mark the posts for the retaining wall. We haven't done anything with it since it fell down but after the last couple of days of rain we realised that we really need to get onto it otherwise the neighbours back yard will completely fall away!I'm just hoping that the sun shines for us again tomorrow so that we can keep going!

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  1. You definitely deserved a nice break after all your hard yakka! But things are looking wonderful, you are doing SO well!

    I'm off on holiday so I guess when I return you will probably be all DONE! Yay!


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