Thursday, January 24, 2008

A busy and productive day :)

We've had awesome weather all day today and gotten heaps done! I made a start on staining the outside of the deck early this morning and by 10am I was finished :) It looks so awesome now! While I'm on the topic of staining... Mum sent me an email last night regarding me not putting any photos of myself working on the blog... let's just say that I'm much more comfortable taking photos than being photographed. However, here is a snippet from Mum's email:

I told Krystal to take a photo of you painting but she said you wouldn't like it. Oh well. I see David and Krystal on the blog so how is it so different for you?????????? Totally unfair that we should be denied seeing you in all your glory and tossing a paint brush around. We could all do with a good laugh. Old clothes, sweaty, hair a mess, bare feet.. Why not a photo to show you off??????????

So here's a couple of photos of me in all my 'gloriousness'... don't say I didn't warn you Mum!!!

Once I'd finished staining the outside of the deck (I've still got to do the second coat on the inside yet) we took the scaffold back and then got busy giving the concrete a wash with acid. Miss Krystal decided to take a sneaky photo of my doing that as well!!! Gee thanks Mum!!! You can stop giving her ideas now!!!!!!!!!!Meanwhile Miss Krystal has been doing some digging! She's actually really good at it... maybe she got the talent from her Grandma??? So far she's finished two post holes for the retaining wall and started two more :)She wanted me to take this photo too so that you could 'get an idea of the depth of the hole'... sometimes she comes out with some really funning sayings like this one from yesterday... 'I'm getting really good on the sledgehammer now!' That's great Krystal... just make sure you're actually breaking up something that needs to be broken!!!Today has also been retail therapy down at Bunnings... it didn't feel so theraputic today when I saw how much it all cost though LOL At least now we've got all the pailings for the fences around the patio area!Then it was back to Bunnings for the baton rails for the fences... but what do you do when the batons are 4.8 metres long and the trailer isn't??? You just tie them onto the roof rack of your car and go around corners SLOWLY!!! We were/still are hoping to get the sealer onto the concrete today but we've had a few spits of rain so we might not get that done yet. Meanwhile, Miss Krystal has made nachos for dinner and I'm starving!!! All this physical work really brings out your appetite! :)


  1. wow, loving seeing the progress, and it's great to see some photos of you, after all, you are doing as much hard work as anyone else!

  2. Lol at you Mum's email - isn't she a darling. Good to see pics of you too, you don't want to be the missing person in your lo's :-)

  3. It is nice to see you too ;)

    Go Krystal for making tea!


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