Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The fences are finished!!!

Yes it's true!! Today we actually got all the fences around the patio and driveway finished! All the pailings have been painted twice... all the capping is on and it looks great!

On Monday Dave got the rest of the pailings nailed up while I was at school :) Was so nice to come home to this: And this:And this:On Tuesday I got home and Dave had done the second coat on the capping and the first coat on the last three sections and I got the second coat done. Still working as a team... it's just that we seem to be working in split shifts LOLThe neighbours side has had one coat of stain but even that looks pretty good:Then today we did a bit of a clean up and I took some 'finished' photos... here's the driveway:Behind the driveway fence (inside the patio area)... LOVE how my yukkas look against the brown of the fence!Here's one leading from the patio onto the deck:And one going back the other way from the deck to the patio:And the final photo for today shows photos taken from the same spot... before and after!Can't wait to hear your reactions to this one!!! I'm going to get some more 'before and afters' over the next few days.

So what's left to do???

  • tiling and grouting the fronts of the steps
  • painting the fibrolite
  • building (and staining) a new gate
  • and concreting the bottom of the fence on the driveway and making a mowing strip for the neighbours side

We are so close to being finished now :)


  1. It is absolutely amazing!! Unbelievable how your "little" patio project turned into something quite huge! But you have done a great job, all of you. I can totally see a layout (or even a mini album!!) showing the before & after, and journalling you can get from your blog since you have been so good at documenting each stage. Pat on the back!

  2. well done team, awesome team effort and you must be all proud of yourselves. Loved seeing the before and after shot there. Must be quite satisfying for you all to look back and say wow we have done a fab job.

  3. Well done to all of your, it looks amazing! So much hard work and dedication pit into this you must all be so proud of yourselves.

  4. Wowsee the fence looks absolutely amazing and what a transformation! Love the blue pot against it! So how's it feel walking around your property?

  5. Yep it is looking very good - you guys have worked so hard.

  6. Wow, look at what you've done! It looks soooo good. Bet you're stoked. I wonder what you'll get up to now that things are coming to a close? LOL.


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