Monday, March 10, 2008

I have a problem!!

Well over the weekend we did some more 'embellishing' in the craft room. We also did a bit more to get everything organised so that I can actually find things LOL but I've discovered that I have a problem... I have way too much stuff!!! Up until now my stamps have had a home in drawers and I honestly didn't realise how many stamps I had... but I do now!!! I bought myself some pegboard and got the guys at Bunnings to cut it to size. Then when I got home I painted it black... looks quite trendy really :)
Once the pegboard was up it was time to get out the hooks and put my stamps in their new home. I HAD thought they would all fit on there really nicely and I could see everything at the same time... only to find that I've had to put things together on hooks (sometimes even 3 items to a hook!) I honestly didn't realise how many stamps I had!One thing the peg board has totally done for me is bring everything out into the open and it definitely made me feel more creative! So while we were organising everything I went and got some MDF to make some shelves for my finished projects. We started off with 2 shelves thinking that would be plenty... but we quickly ran out of room so Dave made me a couple more shelves LOL It was so cool putting things out on display because now I get to really enjoy them all over again!
I also 'found' a couple of projects that I'd done and completely forgotten about. One of those projects was the word 'inspire' which I altered almost a year ago and then put away. So I used some foam mounting tape and attached them to one of the beams between my windows :)

Another little treasure in my craft room is my 'S'. Dave carved it out of stone for me and I really love it. It's been hanging on my wall ever since we moved in here but I've never thought to put it on my blog... but here it is:By the time we finished doing all that I was feeling really creative and I went through some of my 'alterable' stuff and found a Maya Rd coffee break tin and realised that it would be perfect for me to use as a pen container. My old one was a plastic toothbrush container but it's overflowing now and my pens seem to get scattered... so here's what I did:My favourite Basic Grey collection of all time is Fusion. I love the colours and designs!!! The colours work perfectly with my room :) I glued some paper to some thin chipboard and cut out the letters using some Cuttlebug dies and love how they worked! Here's a detail shot of the front of the tin:And another detail shot... this time of the top:When it was all finished I mod-podged over everything and then this morning I put all my pens in it and tied some ribbon to the handles. I totally enjoyed making a little present for myself :) Plus it's going to help me to stay organised! I'm thinking about doing up another couple of containers for the other things I keep on my table all the time... hopefully I've got enough 'Fusion' in my stash to do them all to match!


  1. Wow, the pegboard looks amazing! I wish I had wall space for something like that. I'm sure you'll be using all those bits and bobs a lot more now they are in plain sight!
    The "Pens" box is very funky as well, and of course you deserve to make something fun for yourself :-)

  2. Do like the idea of having things in plain sight - love to be able to have some mini shelves for my wooden stamps.. oh well, next house, new possibilities perhaps! LOL!

  3. Wow, love what you have done, might have to get to work myself. Send me your snail mail address to four . mcs at xtra, and I will see what I can do to help you with your fusion problem!

  4. Love how your room is looking. So jealous that you have a room to do this in - but love it all anyway!

    The peg board is an awesome idea, the shelves are a great way to display all those projects (mine are hidden away) and the pen tin is very nice. I love that cuttlebug font - what is it called?

  5. Far out it looks just like a shop and I love, love the little odds and sods on the shelves and the carved S is to die for - so touching!!

    Your tin is a great idea and I love those funky colours - might have to look into this now little fingers can reach all my pens LOL

    Have a cool week :)

  6. Hey Shel, just found your blog and just love your Peg board and creativity and you have totally inspired me to finally get my scrap room finished!

  7. wow Shell fantastis room and I love your S its beautiful.I loved your Pen tin I do that a lot with my cuttle bug dies I used cork on a canvas with the hippy chic dies I put jacks name on in thin cork its in the altered folder in the gallery.I am a big fan of basic Grey too. I love your blog

  8. Just having a wee peep at your 'new room' - awesome ... the pegboard idea is brilliant. Looking like a wonderful place to be creative and that you are ... creative!


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