Sunday, March 30, 2008

I think Krystal should be a designer!!!

I have to admit that I'm REALLY impressed with Krystal's room! When I told Krystal she was allowed to make the final decision on everything she had and gave her a room budget I also made up my mind that it was going to be HER project. She could see what she wanted in her own mind and I knew it would look good but I didn't realise just how good... quite frankly it's FANTASTIC and I might just have to move into her room myself LOL

After I made the curtains last weekend we hung them up straight away. The next morning Krystal said that she was 'heaps warmer' during the night... that thermal drape is going to be really great during our cold Rotorua winters! The next shot is pretty dark but she wanted to try and get a photo of the new nets. She absolutely DID NOT want 'granny nets' so she went with sheer ones and they have a bit of a sparkle to them which looks lovely... but impossible to photograph well! This weekend it's been just me and Krystal at home... Dave is in Taranaki and Mikayla has been at a friends place so Krystal and I have had a great time finishing off her room on our own. We started with putting up the shelves for her books: And then she added her books... notice her paper bag album she made herself on the top shelf!!Then we got the bed done. We had to buy new bolts to attach her headboard but between us we figured out how to do it. I had a last minute sewing job too because Krystal found the 'perfect' valance but we could only get it in a King Single so we did a bit of pinning and tucking until we had it right and then I used the sewing machine again LOL Her cushions have so much texture... crushed silk, velvet and sequins and the doodled duvet was just so beautiful (actually that was the very first thing Krystal bought!) Here's another shot from the end of the bed:Next we put in the bedside cabinet (including the drawer handles she really loved!) Plus she worked out how to get a new stereo into the budget as well! Krystal is definitely a bargain hunter!!

She also found this lamp which went perfectly with everything else:

Next on the list was the renovated dressing table:When Krystal saw the jewellery stand she told me it would be 'perfect' and I have to admit that it really is gorgeous!!The mirror was a last minute purchase but as soon as she saw it Krystal knew it would be just right for her room:Next is her clock... this girl thinks of everything!Then we had to try and get a photo with the curtains closed and the clock above them... it didn't turn out too bad:And while the curtains were closed we got a 'night shot' of what her new lamp looks like:

By the time we'd done all that the budget had run out but she still needed a new desk. Her birthday is in a couple of months time so when we find the right desk we'll renovate it and add that to her room. For now she's still using Dave's old desk which didn't look too bad before but now it really stands out in her glamourous new room!!!We've still got a few bits and pieces to do... I'm going to re-cover the seat on the chair with some curtain fabric and we've got to do her pinboard (also with curtain fabric) but she wants to get the new desk in first so that the pinboard is the right size. She's also asked me to make her three canvas hangings (6 x 12) to go above her bed... I actually feel really good that she's asked me :) And the final addition (hopefully) will be a paper mache dress form that we've been designing so hopefully we'll get that done next weekend!

Right, I need to go and organise my bags because I'm off on an overnight camp with my class in the morning... luckily we're staying in dorms so at least we won't be too uncomfortable :) Hope you all have a great week!


  1. WOW WTG Krystal, what a fantastic job. What about getting a piece of custom or plywood and spray painting it silver or black and then mounting it like a big shelf in the area where the desk is? That would work as a desk and be pretty cost effective - you could also spray paint a set of cane drawers to match, to go underneath. Good on you Shell for trusting in her abilities and giving her the freedom to choose. She is a wise young lady.

  2. well it looks fantastic I love the colours and the hard work she has put in to make this happen. Love that duvet cover and as they say that can be the inspiration for the room and in this case I can see why. Way to go Krystal, your hard work and budget has paid off, the room looks awesome. have fun at camp Shell.

  3. Wow - an interior designer extraordinaire ... very impressive!!! Look out changing rooms.

    Well done!!!

  4. gorgeous Room. Worth coming home to.

  5. Wow! It looks fantastic. I love the mirror - great last minute purchase! And the jewellery stand is just perfect. I agree with Trace you could put a big shelf in for a desk - that space is just perfect for something like that.

  6. O for awesome! Krystal did such a fantastic job! Definitely a great way to get kids to take some pride in their room, hopefully she will want to keep it tidy now - LOL!

  7. Wow Krystal i LOVE your room. If i think of doing my room ill have to give you a call:)
    I love the mirror, the duvet cover, the paint colours, actually i just love it all!:)
    interior design could be a path for you definitly:)

  8. My favourites are the mirror ,curtains and the bedding clever girl love the colour scheme well done you have been busy wto Krystal

  9. Wow, it looks absolutely amazing!! Krystal you definitely have a good eye and I think interior decorating is really your thing! Love everything!

    I was also thinking that you could maybe paint that old desk? Or is the wood textured? I like Trace's idea of using custom wood and mounting it like a big shelf.

  10. OMGosh that is just the coolest bedroom - way to go Krystal!!

  11. Wow, what an incredible job you guys have done! She definitely has talent! WTG Krystal.

  12. What a wonderful job on the room.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog.


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