Sunday, April 6, 2008

Meet Claude and Claudette!

Firstly, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who left comments about Krystal's room makeover. She is super stoked with everything you said and it's actually made her realise that this is a real possibility for the future!

We've been working on making my craft room more 'inspiring' and 'user friendly'. It's actually coming together really well so I've got some stuff to share :)

Meet Claude and Claudette - I actually made these guys a couple of years ago... they are completely handsewn!!! I set myself a challenge because the girls and I were living in a TINY little flat... no room for anything so I couldn't even set up my sewing machine but I really wanted to make them so I did the whole lot by hand... took a whole week during school holidays but was SO worth it! Now they've found a home in my craft room watching all the goings on LOL

And how do you tell them apart??? Claudette (on the left) has a pair of gold earrings! Took me ages to find the 'nubly' fabric I wanted for their 'fur' but they're a bit of a talking point when people meet them :)

Next is my desk area... Dave put up some shelves for me so now I have all my printer inks, photocopy paper etc near me and it keeps it all much more contained... and yep I have a 'few' canvases ready to alter LOL

Those are my SENZ receipts pinned on the pinboard! Really looking forward to SENZ this year and Mum and Krystal are both coming with me!!! It's going to be a GREAT weekend!

Then I've got my printer set up on the opposite side of my desk... and Krystal gave me her 'old' stereo so now I can have music to listen to while I scrap... I used to have to put my CD's in the DVD player in the lounge but now it's all right at my fingertips :)

Then there's the desk itself. I LOVE my desk! It was the very first piece of furniture I ever bought for myself :) It's a bit scuffed from moving so much over the years but nothing that a little bit of TLC can't fix! If you look on my desk you'll see a wee parcel... that's your circle journal Beverley!!!

And above my desk I have a gorgeous print that I originally bought for my bedroom... except that Dave doesn't really like it... so I've put it up in 'my space' and even Dave thinks it looks fab there!

On the opposite side of the room I've got another pinboard... which is where my desk was originally. Now I've got a new desk there with my sewing machine and cricket all ready to be used. I'm looking forward to getting a lot more use out of both of them!!!

On the wall under my 'S' is a lovely tile that I misplaced (Ooops!) but now it's 'found' again. Mum gave it to me for Christmas and the colours are exactly right! It's a gorgeous tile and I love looking at it.... thanks Mum :)

To the left of the pinboard is a really funky clock! Tracey bought it for me as a house-warming present and it's perfect for that space :) I love the surf board shape too!!!

Above the pinboard I put a shelf to house all my antique cameras that have been in a box for the past 4 or 5 moves! My Grandmother gave them to me but I can't remember where she said she got them from... after a quick call to Mum I found out that the black brownie camera (left side) came from Granny and that was the camera they had when Mum was a little girl... definitely an ANTIQUE!!! Mum will be after me on her Harry Potter broomstick for sure now LOL

Here's some more:And a couple more... there's seven cameras in total and two light meters :)The final bit of show and tell is my hanging rails. I'm loving them a LOT! It's so nice to finaly have my artwork displayed :) These rails are at the far end of the room:Dave did such a good job hanging them up that Richard thought the rail went right through the beam! These ones are on one side of the room:And these ones are on the other side of the room:I've managed to sort of a lot of my stuff and the 'sides' of the room look pretty good. Now if I could just manage to tackle the middle of the room (where my tables are) it would all be good!!!


  1. Love it all ... your room is sooooooo tidy - so where have you got everything hiding then - come on, come clean.

    Beverley had something similar using rails and displaying layouts as well ... love the idea and someone you know will be doing something along those lines as well.

    Love your collection of box brownies displayed on your shelf and your creative canvas on the wall rocks!!!

  2. Wow - your room is fantastic. Such a lovely space. And how cool my c.j is there right now - it's amazing to think of the travels that little book will have been on before it gets back to me. Oh and Claude and Claudette are very cool - I've made a few teddy bears in my time - before scrapping totally took over...

  3. Ohh love your room!!!! I really like the rail idea, but I dont have any space in my current room to do that. What a gorgeous light sunny room though!

  4. Awesome! I'm so jelly you have your own space :)

  5. Your room looks simply wonderful!

  6. Wonderful inspiration space you have there Shell. Love Claude and Claudette.


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