Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend update :)

Firstly.... FISKARS!!! I had so much FUN doing the demonstration at Spotlight yesterday! It's amazing how friendly people are and how much they want to know about something new. Everyone loved the new Heidi Grace papers and they were disappearing fast... I also had my Heidi Grace stamps there (they weren't actually part of the demo but I took them just in case) and oh my goodness!!!! When I left they only had 3 packets left on the shelf!! They are such a big hit so if you haven't seen or used them yet you really need to go and have a look at your local spotlight!!!

Mum came over after lunch (with her camera) so she got a shot of my 'name in lights' so to speak:

Then we managed to get a shot of me 'demonstrating' for Mum... Yes that's my Mum in the stripes!!! You're 'famous' now Mum LOL

Krystal took the photo just before the batteries died!!! We were trying to make sure we didn't get anyone else in the photo so it took a bit of patience. I even talked Mum into buying a Cutting Mat and Dual-Tip Stylus... they're brilliant for scoring paper!!!

Then it was back to my place so that Mum and Richard could check out the new patio :) Mum said that she was going to make her own cake after me mentioning that making concrete and making cakes was a similar process.. in fact this is how she so eloquently put it: Next time I come to your house I will make and bring my own cake. Sod eating yours!!!!!!!!! And what she brought over was much more than just a cake. Dave and I were completely blown away with this:

I requested a chocolate cake with chocolate icing but check out all the 'embellishments'! She made a fence from popsicle sticks (and even had the cheek to paint some ivy on them!!!) Then she used some broken popsicle sticks to make our very own junk pile LOL She made the little recipe book out of icing and managed to find a photo of a concrete mixer... and the little hammer and saw are actually candles. Here's a close up of the top:But wait... there's more... LOL :) Around the sides she put lots of little icing 'tools':And here's one from the back:Wow! Dave and I really were IMPRESSED!!! We had a lovely 'patio party' outside... the weather was perfect and Mum and Richard really enjoyed seeing all our hard work finished. We had such a relaxing time and lots and lots of laughs :)

Luckily for me I had been visiting Trina's blog and seen a post about making tiny shoes and I decided to try one out and make it for Mum... After that amazing cake I was pleased I had! So here's the little shoe I made for Mum:

At only 8cm long it's incredibly cute!!! Mum loves anything vintage so these papers from my stash were perfect.Mum was really impressed with it too so that's always a good thing :) Mum has just received her invitation to one of my cousins weddings and she emailed me the other day with a request: would you, could you, please make me a wedding card to give them? The one you made for David to give to Hayden and Hannah was lovely. The same but different. That's if you have time. I know how busy you are with everything.

So on Friday night I got busy and made her a wedding card to give them. Luckily I had photos of the previous card to refer back to :) And here's the new creation... it definitely fitted the 'same but different' look:

Here's the inside:And of course she needed an envelope as well:There's been a few parties around here lately and Mikayla got invited to a sleep-over birthday this weekend. She asked me if I could 'make her something' to give to her friend... and it was good timing because I'd been thinking of this project for a while and just needed an excuse to go ahead with it... so here is my altered noodle box:She really loved that fact that I put Alana's name on the front :) Here's a detail shot:For the inside we decided to fill it with lip glosses so we needed some tissue paper for the inside and since we couldn't find what we wanted we stamped our own:Then while we were at the chemist we found these cute little lip glosses that reminded me so much of Ferrero Rocher's :)Following in here Grandma's footsteps she asked me for a card: The same but different to Kody's please :) It's so funny when you hear your Mum's words coming out of your kids mouths LOL And this is the card I made for Alanah:Mikayla was absolutely wrapped with it and she helped to to design the envelope:She was pretty pleased with herself over that one... actually both of the girls are developing a really good eye for design!And that's been the weekend so far! Hopefully today will be lovely and quiet because I have heaps of school stuff to do... planning, marking etc Have a great weekend everyone :)


  1. wow you have been busy. Waves to your famous mum. Wow at the cake your mum made that is stunning, I wouldnt have wanted to cut it cos it loks so pertty......awesome cake mum. Love the creativity thats been going on at your house of late. Hows the teaching going?

  2. Purdy cake!

    Love all you've created Shell!

  3. Oh cool cake!!! love those 'embellishments' looks and sounds like you have been very creatively busy! I loved that little shoe, I have to make some now - I have 2 special peoples with babies due this year so baby stuff coming out of my ears.

  4. Awesome that your demo went so well - and you look totally at ease!

    LOVE the cake your mum made, so cute and what a lot thought she put into it.

    I love all your gorgeous creations as well. You're so clever!

  5. Everything - cake and cards are beautiful! You are all so creative

  6. OMG the deatil that went into the cake is staggering - it is all so cute :)

    Well done you for demoing Fiskars and I am glad you enjoyed it :)

    I love all your work, my gosh you have been busy, where do you find the time, I am espically inspired buy you little shoe, i have book marked the pattern, and the altered noodle box I have been dying to try on for ages....

    Stunning work as always :)

  7. Wow Shell look at how busy you've been! Love all your creations. That shoe is divine. Love the papers you've used!!!

    Say hi to your Mum for me and tell her she can make me a cake anytime ;). LOL! Love it. Soooooo much work gone into that creation!

  8. Wow - that is one amazing cake Shell! Your mum is clearly as talented as you are!

  9. OMG Shell..... you are a very creative lady!!! Loved to see the photo of your demonstration!!
    And that cake......looks delicious, what a great way to surprise somebody!

    I really like everything you've created very much!


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