Saturday, April 12, 2008

Confession Time!

Last weekend I did a post about my scrap room... and thanks for all the wonderful comments!!! Mrs Frizz left me a comment and part of it said: Love it all ... your room is sooooooo tidy - so where have you got everything hiding then - come on, come clean.

So I thought I'd better 'fess up' to the mess... Here you go Michelle LOL Here's the view from the door to the lounge:

And here's a couple of closeups detailing the extent of the mess:I still can't believe that I've actually put these photos on my blog!!! The worst part is... it STILL looks like this a week later! Between marking tests, working, family stuff and end of term madness I haven't had a chance to do much in the way of tidying... although I have been creatively busy with a couple of projects :)

I'm definitely going to tidy up today though!!! I've got a teacher from work coming over tonight to begin her very first scrapbooking project and it's HUGE so I've got to make some room LOL

On a completely different note... last month I organised an ATC swap with SBO... the theme was Summer and as the 'host' of the group I got to see everyone's creations together before mailing them off:

I really love doing ATC's and I've gathered a bit of a collection of them now... all safely stored in little pockets but in need of a binder so that's on my 'to do' list as well. Here's the closeup views so you can see just how cool these little pieces of art are!

Here's mine: I used a wooden sun that I coloured gold, a little summer house (Spotlight) some feet I punched out and the 'sand' was made using Tim Holtz's distress embossing powder (such a cool product!)

This is Rangi's: She used lovely bright papers, some ric rac ribbon, a flower and a flower brad... Love the colours of this one!Next is Kirstin's: I LOVE the colour of your background paper Kirstin!!! Over the top she's layered a variety of summer stickers with lovely blues :)Then we have Niella's: Gorgeous papers, some mesh, ribbon, staples and a colourful paper clip... I got loads of ideas from this one Nie!!And finally Jane's: Can you believe that this was her first ever swap??? Such a cool card using patterned paper, stickers and lovely bright colours!!! Jane's totally addicted to the ATC swaps now :)Thanks girls for taking part in this swap! Right I really must go... got some more ATC's to post and then I've seriously got to get tidying up!!! Hope you all have a fun filled weekend :)


  1. Haha, I love the "confession" pics!! Too funny! You could have kept us all thinking you were super tidy & organised ... good on you for revealing the REAL state of your scraproom :-)

  2. well go you for sharing those pics. I thought that my room was messy lol, mine looks superclean next to yours. So thanks for making me feel better about my mess ;-p. (and trust me it is messy). Love your ATC cards Shell. Have fun tonight creating with your friend.

  3. Love it, love it, love it!!!

    Thank you for sharing buddy ... and I'm being honest ... mine kinda looks permanently like that ... lol!!!!

    Have fun tidying ... the only trouble is when you tidy - it takes forever to find what you are looking. At least when I'm in the midst of creative chaos, I know where things are.

  4. I'm with Mrs Frizz..I love your creative mess Shell:) Its super fun looking closely (LOL) at all the things you have "laid" out from crafting. Lucky you with all that table space!

    And I love looking at all the ATC's together..they look fab:)Thanks for the lovely comment on my ones...truth is; you inspire me and give me lots of ideas too.


  5. Those ATCs are fabulous! I'm so glad to see you have a mess too :-)

  6. Now that I can relate too lol
    Great atc's - very summery.

  7. Haw haw! I'm glad you showed yourself to be normal! :) I always say it's like an artist's palette - ya gotta have everything laid out and available.

  8. ROFL love those confession pictures now thats a true scrap room!!

  9. Firstly a big hug for that lovely welcome back post!
    Oh yeah dont hide that mess!!! admitt it you're one of us messy peeps;p Look at it this way, by 'fessing up' you made everyone feel good about themselves!

    Your daughter obviously has inherited your DYO and redecorating talents! WTG, what a cool room make over!
    And sheesh looking at that awesome cake your Mum made for you it's clear where you got it from!

  10. Hi Shell! These ATC's are gorgeous!! LOL about your messy scraproom!! Hey, love those old cameras in your below blog post!


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