Sunday, July 13, 2008

I've been a bad blogger!!

Things have been 'crazy busy' around here lately with Scrapbook Dreams and I haven't had a chance to blog or visit anyone for ages. I even got an email from Mum TELLING me to update LOL

Also, a big HI to Jeanette!! Jeanette is Mum's cousin and apparently a frequent 'lurker' on my blog as it allows her to catch up with all the family gossip LOL

Like I said, Scrapbook Dreams is really getting busy and I'm having a huge amount of fun starting my own business. I've learnt how to do so many things in a very small amount of time but it's been so worth it!!

Meanwhile Mum has been scrapping up a storm!!! She's really taken to it and I promised her that I'd share some of her layouts so here goes:

'Sisters' - Mum is an only girl with 4 brothers and when she was a mere 14 her eldest brother met a girl called Daphne who also was an only daughter with 4 brothers. Anyway, they hit it off straight away and have been firm friends and 'sisters' ever since.
'Krystal's Story' - Last term Krystal had to write a story for her English class and she wrote a really lovely story all about 'Grandma's House'. When Mum came over a few weeks ago Krystal gave her the story and Mum turned it into the journaling for a layout along with photos of all her grandkids!And finally 'OLE' - Mum and Richard used to be quite involved in square dancing. Mum used to make all her outfits for the various theme nights they went to and she would often make things for Richard to wear as well so that they matched. She did this layout about an International Theme Night dance. So that's my update... now to find some time to go 'visiting' everyone else :)


  1. Ole! I think it is time your mum started a blog doncha think? LOL!

    Great news about your business :)

  2. Great layouts and i a great website you have too...i have added it to my favourites list

  3. Mum has been busy and so very creative - woo hoo!!!

    LOVE all the dessert goodies in your blog header ... yummy!!!

  4. your mum has been busy, glad to hear your wee business is taking off. I agree I think your mum needs her own blog lol.

  5. Woa you Mum has been scrappin up a storm! And wow she's obviously very crafty in all areas, if she could make all those outfits for the theme nights etc. How fantastic!
    And glad to hear your enjoying your big new adventure so much :)

  6. Oh those are awesome YAY your mum, now I must go and check out the shop, sorry I have been so slack but please tell your mum those are AWESOME!!


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