Sunday, September 21, 2008

My circle journal returned home to me :)

I know.... it's been 2 whole months since I did a post!!! Lots has been happening in our household during that time... including becoming an 'all girl' household again recently!

The reason for this posting is to do a bit of a 'show and tell' of my lovely circle journal and to say a big THANK YOU to all the girls who helped create it!!

I decided to make my circle journal about having a Girls Night In. Mostly because at 16 & 13 Krystal and Mikayla can't go 'out' really (and Mum is very thankful for that!!! LOL) so I thought it would be good to get some ideas for things we could do at home for a bit of fun :) So here's the front cover... I was definitely into a bit of bling and rub ons at the time!
Next came the instruction page and the first group of tags:

And then came the rest of the tags:

I'm really pleased I decided to use tags this time... such a lot of fun seeing how everyone decorated them. Next came my page. I decided to include some of our favourite 'chick flicks' along with our favourite nibbles... chocolate (of course!) but also platters of nibbly food :)Then my journal was off to Rangi who is a very talented beauty therapist!!! She created a page dedicated to pedicures along with 'recipes' for foot scrub and foot mask.... looking forward to trying those out! Then Niella came up with an 80's theme night... the girls thought it was hilarious that we used to wear fluro tights!!! She also included a recipe for a Bananarama Smoothie!!! Yum! Ruth included a great list of 'Needs' on her page along with a recipe for Double chocolate fudge torte... does it get any better than that??? Tracey provided us with a DVD marathon! Perfect for those cold winter nights... and she also reminded me about coke 'spiders'... haven't had one of those in ages!! p.s. Romeo and Juliet is one of Krystal's favourite movies!Kirstin suggested Singstar... the girls are definitely into that!!! To me it sounds more like cats wailing outside but so long as we all have fun who cares?? Then Zeetra suggested a Slumber Party! I totally love this idea!!! Especially the idea of 'bad for you' food... gotta love that one! Kelly must be a chocoholic like me because her page is dedicated to Chocolate Brownie... one of our all time favourite desserts.... (and one of the girls favourite breakfasts if they can sneak it by me)! I had a funny feeling that Beverley would manage to get a cupcake on her page somehow and she did! In fact she dedicated her whole layout to them and provided a stunning recipe for Cookies and Cream cupcakes... we're getting all the ingredients in the next grocery shop Beverley!!! Rebecca came up with some great ideas on 'How to have fun'... I totally hear you on the Twister being entertaining after a few wines :) Nik decided that bling and beads would make a great evening... and I totally agree! Krystal loves making jewellery so maybe she can teach me and Mikayla to do some too! And I love the idea of adding bling to crocs :) Finally the journal arrived at Sandra's who knows that: "any excuse for birthday cake is good because somewhere in the world it is someones birthday" that's such a good way of looking at things!!! And then came the back cover... I created a 'Graffiti' page reminiscent of high school year books for everyone to sign and leave a message... and I love it! Thanks so much everyone!! When my journal arrived home I was blown away by how 'FAT' it had gotten!!! I tied some black and white ribbon onto the rings to finish it off and now it's taking pride of place in my scrapping room :) Actually, it's coming to school with me tomorrow because I've been so excited about it that everyone (including the boys in my class) want to see what I've been talking about :)

Thanks to everyone who took part in my circle journal and I hope that you like the pages I did for you as much as the ones you did for me :) And I PROMISE not to leave it so long before updating!!!


  1. Gorgeous Shell!!!

    I had fun joining in:):) Bet you and your girls are gonna have a blast these holidays!! Yippee:):) Perfect timing my friend!


  2. Am I that predictable?!

    Love how it came out ... it looks fabulous. :o)

  3. Have fun with your CJ ... and like Beverley said ... it looks fabulous!!!

  4. Your cj looks fab. Love allthe different ideas and pages.

  5. It really looks like a lot of fun :)

    I have wondering where you were.

  6. Looks fantastic! And I do hope that all is well with you especially your comments in the first paragraph

  7. That is one gorgeous journal a real keepsake.

    btw - you have been tagged...

  8. I love it Shell, what a beautiful CJ.
    Full of fun things to do for sure.

    Thank you for your contribution to mine, I love it.. yummy...choc fudge...


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