Thursday, October 2, 2008

ATC Dares blog

Have you seen the new ATC dares blog yet??? If you're into making ATC's you really do want to check it out!!

Challenge #1 - Clowns

Not the easiest of challenges for me because I really, really, REALLY don't like clowns! Even as a little kid I didn't like clowns but not long after Krystal was born Stephen King's "IT" came on TV.
I have no idea why I watched it (and it was over two nights!!!) but it's fair to say that I was fairly traumatised by it. The first night scared the $#%@ out of me and I couldn't get off the couch to go to bed. My ex-husband found me the next morning asleep on the sofa with the lights all on... and then I HAD to watch the second part to make sure the horrible clown was dead.... and I was found asleep on the sofa... all the lights on AGAIN! Tim Curry was just so utterly believeable as his character 'Pennywise'

I've never seen a Stephen King movie since.... and I absolutely won't read his books... far too scarey!!

However, I did manage to actually create an ATC :)

I created the background by first texturising the cardstock with gesso and then using alcohol inks... they're messy, fun and fairly unpredictable but oh so effective! The photo came from the internet... I backed it with chipboard and then put foam mounting tape of the back for a bit of height. The flower and pearls just kind of finished it off.

The next challenge is going to be up tomorrow so keep an eye on the blog if you're into making ATC's :)


  1. Love your clown ATC - ooh I don't like clowns either because of that movie . I enjoyed reading stephen king books but whenever I see a clown I think of that movie not the circus - funny how things stick in your head.

  2. Love your atc - it rocks. I hear you on 'IT' being scary. I used to love reading S King but haven't in years - think I'm ok with the books but the movies of them freak me out.

  3. I love horror films, but havn't seen 'It', will be sure to look out for it in the video shop now - sounds awesome.
    Love your clown ATC!


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