Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Circle Journal photos :)

From what I hear everyone has now got their circle journals back so I thought I'd do a post with the pages I did for everyone else's journals.

The first journal I worked on was Sandra's "Bake me a Cake"... my kids loved this one... anything to do with baking and treats meant a great time for them!! These brownies are a real favourite in our house... in fact the girls have even been known to sneak some for breakfast!!!

Nik's cj was titled "Remember when" and at the time the girls were debating which jeans were the 'right' jeans and which were not so I did a page on Remember when labels didn't matter. And yes those little girls on the left hand page are me and one of my sisters LOL
Rebecca asked as to "Express Ourselves". The first part was to define out scrapbooking style... I'm still not sure what my style is... although Miss Niella assures me it's 'linear' :) (Sorry Nie but I had to put that in there!)
Rebecca also had as 'Express Ourselves' musically. She provided CD's which she'd punched ready to bind and we had to choose a song that expressed something about ourselves. My favourite singer is Reba McEntire and one of her songs totally sums up how I am!
On to Beverley's cj next. She was after some "Recipes for Fun"... things she could do with the kids to have fun. Her cj was made out of playing cards which was a very cool idea too!!
Kelly's cj was called "Happiness"... by the time the cj reached me there were some really neat ideas... that's one of the best things about cj's... getting to see what everyone else has done, thought and interpreted about the theme :) I love making lists!!! And after looking at these photos I must find those little envelopes again!!!
Zeetra had my girls hearts racing... "Sweet Treats". There were many discussions about which sweet treat we would include but in the final vote we chose Chocolate Fudge :)
Kirstin's cj was titled "Music of my Life". We had to choose 10 songs that were important to us in some way... either because of the lyrics or the memories they evoked. I managed to keep my Reba list down to just 5 too!!!
"Inspire Me" was the title of Tracey's cj. She wanted to know what inspires us to scrapbook. There's so many things that inspire me and it was really interesting reading what inspires other people too :)
Ruth wanted to know what our "Simple Pleasures" were.... you know, those 'little' things that really make us feel good :) It was my second try at doing 'pretty' but I really don't think it's my thing somehow!
Nie created a cj titled "Interview with a Scrapbook Queen"... lots of fun actually! She gave us all a list of questions and asked us to put in a photo of our scrapping space... and I made sure to include one of her all time favourite colours - TEAL!!
The final cj I got to work on was Rangi's. She decided to create an ABC cj to share with her wee son Lewis :) And apparently Lewis just loves 'his' new book full of colour and texture. It was definitely a 'lumpy bumpy' cj and such a lot of fun! By the time it got to me there were only 2 letters left: J and X... the X was easy - Xylophone but as for the J... I kept thinking 'jellybeans' LOL In the end it was Mum who came up with Jig saw so thanks Mum!!!
And then I got my own CJ back with all the wonderful entries I showed in the previous post :) It's been a wonderful and creative experience!


  1. I need to get involved in a CJ again - it is wonderful when it comes home and you see everything in it

  2. Lovely work! I shall have to do one of these some time. ;)

  3. I cant wait to start out first scrapbooking dream cj .I must add its so lovely to have you blogging again too Shell I really missed your blog even though we talk on line most oxox


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