Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One more sleep to go!!!

Yep, we're off in the morning to SENZ!!!! Super excited except that due to a semi-sudden death in the family Mum isn't able to come with us now :( We've been on the phone heaps tonight trying to re-organise everything but there's no way around it. We'll be thinking of you lots and we all love you heaps!!!
I know you check my blog Mum, so have a safe trip and we promise to take lots and lots of photos for you... and I'll guard your 'goodie bag' very carefully!!!
I had some stuff that I wanted to show Mum in the morning (I was going to blog once I knew she'd left - yep sneaky!!!) but I'll pop it up now instead. I finally got all my swap pins finished.. so pleased!! I wanted to do something a bit different this time (well different for me anyway) and this is what I came up with:

The only problem was that I ran out of the blue background paper so I ended up with pink ones as well LOLI made 30 altogether and here they are all lined up:Got busy with the camera and took these photos too:And here they are all ready to go:I was going to give you one Mum so when you've read this post text me and tell me which colour you'd like and I'll save it for you!!

In other news... I've been trying to 'define' my scrapping style for ages now and one of my friends, Niella (check out her blog because it's awesome!), mentioned how 'linear' my layouts are... and she's TOTALLY RIGHT!!! And I have found out just how linear I am this week because I tried mosaicing (sp?) for the first time... I am most definitely linear!!!

My friend Carey has been wanting me to try creating a mosaic for ages so I've given it a go. But you know what??? when you break tiles you DON'T get nice straight lines... they don't match up perfectly and it drives me INSANE!!! But I did keep going until I was finished!

I'll show you my 'creation' in a sec but before I do... let me just say that it's a 'hot plate stand'... you know those ones you put casseroles etc on when you put them on the table... felt the need to explain because I showed one of my sisters today and she thought it was to sit a pot plant on LOL... although I suppose you could use it for that.

Anyway Mum, this one is for you!

On that note it's time for me to get to sleep... I've been up since 3.30 this morning busily organising things and I'm knackered now! Have a great weekend, stay safe and I'll catch up with you next week :)


  1. Shell I am so sorry to hear of your families loss, I am thinking of you and your Mum.
    And I totally love your swap pins, hope I can find you at SENZ to swap with

  2. I love your swap pins - and I hope you have a great time at SENZ.
    The mosaic is pretty cool too - the hidden talents of Shell!

  3. Sorry to hear of your family's loss. Those pins look great! ANd I do like your mosaic. See you soon!

  4. Sorry to hear of your family's loss. Your pins look great. Enjoy your time at SENZ

  5. rry to hear about your loss. :(

    Enjoy SENZ! You pins look great, and the pot rest is lovely too.


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