Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SENZ - Part 1

Hard to believe that it's already Tuesday!! The tiredness from the big weekend has definitely kicked in! We headed down to Wellington on Thursday and had a really great trip :) Had a few stops along the way which was really nice too. The CD player in the car decided to have a hissy fit before we even got to Taupo so for most of the trip we all had our own MP3 players plugged into our ears and we all had different songs playing... and yep we were all singing along to our own music LOL

I wasn't sure where to start with this post but I promised all the girls on the forum... and Mum... that's I'd take photos of the stalls and Mikayla was very obliging on Friday and took over 200 photos while Krystal and I were doing classes! By the time I weeded out all the 'duds' we got down to 80 and then I just did a small selection so here's an overview of the shopping opportunities at SENZ 2008!
And the final photo is a look at this years show bag:

That's all for tonight... but I'll be back tomorrow to share the projects from the classes I did :)


  1. It was great to meet you at last, Shell. Lots of great photos there

  2. All that papergoodness to see and touch!!

    Way to go Mikayla:):)

    Lookin' forward to Part II.

  3. can I reach into the photos and fondle? LOL!

  4. Its probably a good job I wasn't there I would be totally broke by now thanks shell for the glimpse of all the goodies .


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