Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some days are just perfect :)

Today has been one of those perfect days! They say good things come in 3's so I think I've had more than my fair share today :)

Today started off with me getting a really wonderful email from one of my scrapping buddies Lee :) A few months ago we signed up to do a stamp swap but it didn't go quite according to plan. The idea was that you chose an unmounted stamp and created a card, ATC etc using that stamp... then you sent it to the next person on the list and they made something and sent it on until it eventually got back to its orginal owner. Lee sent her stamp to me but it didn't arrive :( After being missing for several weeks it finally turned up here and it's really cute:Lee created an ATC for me and I thought it was the perfect stamp for ATC's. Then I read Lee's note which said that she wanted to find another use for it so I got creating a came up with a tiny mini book which is just the perfect size for keeping postage stamps in! And here's the photos... unfortunately I took them at night so they don't look fantastic but you'll get the general idea: I sent off the mini book and Lee received and sent me an email to say that she really loves it, which is great! It's always so nice when you're making something and the recipient enjoys it :) I think I might just have to keep an eye out for that stamp myself LOL

Today has been all about 'girl time'! Mum came over today and we've had the best day together!! We've laughed, shopped, talked scrapbooking and just generally spent time together :) It's been a full on day and we've totally enjoyed ourselves! Mum arrived at 10am and didn't leave until after 7pm so we've definitely made up for lost time!! Thanks Mum for a really fantastic day!!

While Mum was here she showed me the photos from the walk she did for Breast Cancer. Mum and I did this walk together a couple of years ago and we were amazed at all the 'costumes' and I definitely remember her saying something about how she'd NEVER wear her bra on the outside of her clothes and she'd NEVER dress up in public like how other people were doing it... well here's proof that you should never say NEVER!!!

Hmmmm that wouldn't happen to be a bra on top of your shirt would it Mum??? LOL Mum works for New World and they got a whole heap of them together and wore their pink shirts and dressed up and here is my Mum proudly walking down the street in her pink leggings and dancing petticoat... and you don't think you're fooling anyone with that halo do you???Way to go Mum!!! So cool to see you having some fun!!

We also had Mikayla's birthday lunch today :) Since Mum was coming over today we decided to celebrate this weekend and Krystal actually catered the party for her sister... AWESOME work Krystal!!

Here's the cool feast Krystal prepared: chip & dip, cheese & crackers, purploes (first time we'd tried them and they're really really YUM!!!), asparagus rolls, fairy bread (Mikayla's only real request!!) and some very tasty ham & salad sandwiches:And here's Mikayla and her best friend Micaela! The only problem is when I call 'Mikayla' they both answer LOL

I had to put this photo in too (even though Mikayla isn't looking at the camera) because it shows her new watch that Grandma gave her for her birthday... the best part according to Mikayla is that the 'second hand' is a tiny blue butterfly that goes around... and try as she might she can't see HOW it goes around LOLThen it was time for the cake... the girls actually worked together on this! Mikayla made the top layer and Krystal made the bottom layer :) Great team work! Then it was iced and had a flake crushed up over it. Krystal made sure she had the 'artistic drips' over the side... she was very pleased with the result!And yes the sponge really was THAT yellow!!! I helped out a friend of mine recently with some online stuff and then she turned up here with a tray of free range eggs from her chickens... Thanks Jo!!! The kids were a bit worried that it wasn't going to work without shop bought eggs... but now they've decided that free range eggs are much 'happier' eggs LOLHappy Birthday Mikayla... so pleased you had a cool party :)

After lunch we went down to Spotlight for a 'look'... yeah right! We came away with some fantastic bargins... especially from the fabric department!!! Krystal has decided that she'd like to learn to sew and they had some great deals on flanellete so she's learning how to make pajama pants! So far she's cut out her pants:

And now she's using my sewing machine and learning how to zig zag the edges and sew a straight line... and she's doing an awesome job! So far she's got one leg all sewn together and she's starting on the second leg... unfortunately I think she wants to finish them tonight!!! It looks like I might be in for a long night!!!


  1. Well that certainly was a long and very busy day for you all. Love the photographic evidence of your Mum - never say never! LOL

  2. What a busy day Shell. Funny how you can never just 'look' at Spotlight...I think there's a few of us with that problem ROFL!

  3. I find I can never go out of Spotlight empty handed!

    PJ pants are real easy to make - great beginner project.

  4. cute mini. love those stamps!

  5. Interesting post. I was in Rotorua over the weekend visiting my niece and we were in Spotlight too on Saturday afternoon - 10 pieces of mainly orange Bazzill for $2!


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