Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fantasy ATC

The latest challenge over on the ATC Dares blog is the theme... fantasy :) My first thought was to put a little pic of me inside a mountain of money LOL... well a girl can dream can't she???
In the end I chose a mermaid theme. I remember when I was little wondering what it would be like to have a mermaids tail and live under the sea... of course in my mind there was no school under the sea... or parents telling you to go to bed... or chores to be done!
I was wondering the other night if mermaids wish they had feet??? So I came up with this:

I made the background on white gloss card using alcohol inks and then stamped on top of it with denim ink using bubble wrap (love that technique!) Then I added a bit of a shell theme with a stamp, silver ink and clear embossing powder. The mermaid was left over from another project I'd done and then I added some paua pieces and the metal jandals brad (that sucker is HEAVY!)

The challenge doesn't close until next Wednesday so if fantasy is your thing why not have a go??


  1. Sensational Shell ... simply sensational!!!

    Crikey, you wouldn't need to say that three times after a couple of wines, that's for real!

  2. I have had a couple of wines so I won't even try. lol! Simply fantasy-astic Shell. Clever You!


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