Friday, December 12, 2008

My 'big' kids

Well the end of the school year is almost here... only 3 1/2 more days to go!

Yesterday we had our Year 6 leaving ceremony and it was a really lovely afternoon... I even managed to do my farewell speech without any tears!! The funniest part was the kids reactions to me all dressed up because I NEVER wear skirts but I bought one especially for the ceremony. I even had one of my Year 5's offer to be my 'date' lol

After the ceremony I got Mikayla to take a photo of me and Matua Nick (my teacher aide) with most of our Year 6's. Here's my 'big kids':
And here's a photo of me and Nick. He's got his teacher's college interview on Monday morning so I'm wishing him all the best because he's going to be a great teacher :)
Next Thursday I will be farewelling half my class as they head off to Intermediate. It's been a rough year at times but somehow all of a sudden the end of the year has arrived and it's going to be quite sad to think of some of them not coming back.

On the positive side, the VERY postive side!, it's almost time for the school holidays and I'm totally looking forward to it! I hope you're all enjoying your end of year social functions as much as me :)


  1. Cool photos Shell, and how lucky to have had a male teacher aide - our kids just love it when a Dad stays to help. Enjoy your term break.

  2. Great to hear you've had a pretty good year, it must be hard saying goodbye to those kids.

    I'm like you, don't wear skirts, and bought one the other day, in the effort to have something nice in my wardrobe, guess what I bought? The same one! Yours looks great with that green, a nice colour on you!

  3. Hey you to look great together he looks like a nice guy Shell its so cool to see male teachers... Jacks school has 6!!!!! yet he hasn't mamaged to get one yet. Love the skirt you look lovely in green, enjoy your hols Jane..


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