Friday, April 10, 2009

Blog Makeover!!! :)

Hi :) As you can see (hopefully) I've been 'playing' on the computer this morning (don't you just LOVE not having to go to work???) I found this gorgeous (and fun) digital paper and matching header and it really appealed to me.... I love the 'new look' and it really made me want to blog which has got to be a good thing!

I love that the paper is so cute! Speaking of cute... I got an email from Mum the other night (that's not the cute bit!! LOL) She'd been 'lurking' on Scrapbook Dreams and felt she just HAD to respond to my new avatar: "I must tell you: I love the new logo for you on the site. The huge pink hat tickles me and I can't help but smile. It's a real cute pleaser."
Thanks Mum!! I think she's pretty cute too! What do you girls think?
It was FREEZING here this morning!! When I looked out the window there was a real frost!!! Take a look at this:

The sun was still rising and the view was actually really stunning... so being a scrapbooker... I grabbed the camera and took this photo (along with a whole heap more) of the view looking out over the neighbours back yard:While it doesn't look quite so good in the photo as it did in real life I was thrilled to see the 'lines of light' coming from the trees! Not a bad start to the long Easter weekend... and the school holidays!!! On that note I'm going to wish everyone a very safe and happy Easter... and may you all get far too much chocolate :)

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