Monday, April 13, 2009

A special day!

Yesterday a good friend of mine came over to visit and 'play' in my craft room... and it was VERY cool! On Saturday I got the fridge stocked up with lots of goodies:

Yes I am ADDICTED to V drinks!!! Actually I have NEVER had this many cans of V in the fridge at the same time! Miss Mikayla organised them on the top shelf together and I got a bit of a shock when I looked in the fridge and saw so many LOLTricia arrived EARLY!!! I was still cleaning up my craft room... and still in my PYJAMAS!!! She text me to say she'd arrived in Rotorua so I went down (still in said pyjamas) to show her an easier way of getting to my house because when she came over in January we took the 'short cut' which involves many twists and turns LOL. When we got back to my house Noah got a bit shy since he hadn't been here before... we usually go to his house :) But it only took a few minutes before he was VERY comfortable:Poor Krystal hadn't even had time for a quick shower before Noah spotted the play station! I got a HUGE shock when I got out of the shower and found him snuggled up to Krystal playing a game... VERY cute!Then the game got a bit exciting!Noah had Krystal and Mikayla wrapped around his finger within minutes and they thought he was wonderful... which he is :) All of this took place before Tricia even managed to get a cup of tea! Next Noah was off to the park with Mikayla while Krystal had a shower and then came the BAKING! Krystal was going to make some chocolate chippie cookies but she thought she'd wait and do the baking with Noah instead.... talk about EXCITING!!! Noah was thrilled to bits to get to do the cookies with Krystal. He added the vanilla... in fairly large doses! But he did get to make a big 'N' with Krystal's help:He was very excited showing Mum what he had made:

And here's a close up of his 'N':

In the mean time Tricia and I actually managed to get some paper out and talk scrapbooking. Looking through Tricia's papers was really cool too... saw lots of VERY cool stuff!!! Tricia got a base coat of paint done on her canvas and that was about all we actually got done before lunch LOL By that stage Noah was a whizz on the playstation:And now for some scrapbooking photos LOL Noah is just so stinking CUTE!!! No wonder so many of the photos were of him... and there's some GREAT layout photos there!! Tricia learnt how to do a 'colour wash' on her canvas and it looks AMAZING! When the paint had dried she started working out where to put her papers and was really proud of herself because she had actually managed to get 'messy':Let me tell you too... Tricia has got to be the NEATEST scrapper I've ever met!!! As soon as she's finished with something she puts it AWAY!! I'd have NEVER thought of that.... seriously!!! I always end up in a big mess... and have no problem with that! When I move onto the next project I just move around the table to a clean area... and when there's no clean areas left I MIGHT clean it up a bit.... but not Tricia.... she cleans up BETWEEN projects!!! Was actually quite an eye opener for me :)

Can you believe that I only took 2 scrapping photos all day??? Here's the second one with Tricia using the cricut... she had LOTS of fun playing!!

The final photo of the day has to be this one:Krystal made Noah his name out of cookie dough :) When he left he took home a BIG piece for Daddy, a BIG piece for Noah... and two LITTLE pieces for Mummy LOL And he said to me that "next time I'm bringing Dad too"... I wonder if he thinks Dad missed out on too much fun

Thanks for an AWESOME day Tricia!!! Was so much fun :)


  1. Doesn't look like Noah is going to forget his special day in a hurry ... love that N O A H on the baking tray.

    Sounds like you had fun being a little creative.

  2. Wow Shell! Are you climbing the walls on all that 'V'? LOL!

    Glad the day went so well. I had a friend over for some scrapping fun too.

  3. I had a great day SHELL :O) Your girls are LOVELY, they both took such great care of my Noah.
    i so enjoy scrapbooking with you, i didn't realised I was such a cleanup nerd!! you have a GREAT SPACE!! it as so nice roomy and sunny :O)
    Today I copied you shelving and draw idea - Mitre 10 at 10.00am, Darren had installed my shelf by 11.00am, Spent the rest to the day organising - Nerd I know but I had heaps of fun and feel I have a new creative space to play in!!
    Thanks again for a great easter lunch and look forward to doing it again SOON!!

  4. I am in sync with you Shell meeting Tricia in your PJ's? LOL Excellent. Cool bikkies and oh Yes Noah is cute for sure.


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