Sunday, September 13, 2009

A great weekend

Yesterday would have to be one of the best days I've had in ages! I had organised with one of my girlfriends to take her out to lunch so I headed over to Tauranga... but forgot that they'd closed the back road so had to make a bit of a detour LOL

When I arrived we headed off to a couple of scrapbooking places (as you do) before heading into town. We found a place doing 'All day breakfasts' and my oh my was it good!!! I even had my camera with me... but the food was too yummy to photograph before eating LOL

This will give you an idea though... Tricia had banana & bacon pancakes (no berries)
And I had blueberry pancakes:
It was like stopping for a little bit of heaven! Tricia said the coffee was good too... and my hot chocolate was wonderful. We sat, ate, chatted and just enjoyed catching up again!

Then we headed around a few shops for a bit of a look and had been talking about 'collections'. One of my sister's collected pigs for a while and we were laughing about how sometimes you collect something without even realising it. We headed off to a cane & pot shop for a 'look'... we both even left our wallets in the car so we wouldn't be tempted. We did see lots of neat things and were heading back towards the car when I saw 'Mr Pig'! When we did the renovation on the patio area (Jan 08) I wanted to get something 'arty' for the fence but couldn't find what I wanted... well my goodness.... Mr Pig came down off that wall very quickly and I went and got my wallet and am now the proud owner of this gorgeous piece of garden art:
I think he's absolutely gorgeous! I've even been down to Bunnings today to buy some blue paint to renovate some old wooden tubs for the patio area. I think I might plant them up with tomatoes and strawberries :)

Mikayla came with me to Bunnings too and we started thinking about the next D.I.Y. projects we want to tackle... got a few ideas but nothing set just yet. When we got back I cut Mikayla's hair for her... she's been asking for a few days to have it cut shorter because it's really thick and feels heavy. It turned out great but I'm not allowed to show you the hair just yet (although she's smiling lots!)... but here's a bit of the cut off hair to show you that it was definitely a cut and not a trim!
She's really pleased with it... and it does look really nice :)

Well it's time for me to head out and pick up Krystal. She's been helping out at a scout camp this weekend as a leader so no doubt she'll be tired and cranky when she comes home... does anyone want a 17 year old???


  1. Great day Shell - Really enjoy having some girlie time with a good friend. Can't wait to see the new hair cutt :O)

  2. You girls had so much fun and I just loved hearing about it all.
    Next time, I want to come too!! xoxo

  3. Need any tips remind me to bring my scissors when I'm next up your way....
    That was a big haircut..
    The pancakes look so yummy so cool you girls had such a great time .


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