Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Something from School!

At the moment my class is pretty focussed on P.r.E.P. (Primary Enterprise Programme). We've been learning about how businesses work and developing an idea into a viable business. Up until last week it was mostly theory... although they have produced some wonderful logos, advertising posters and they even made TV commercials!

We decided that Room 4 would be a 'Beauty Shop' on market day (which isn't until early next term). We've been researching all sorts of different recipes and finding ones that would work within our available time and resources and now we've actually started making our products!

We've got 6 great companies in our classroom... and each one has a C.E.O. as well as a deputy... we even have our very own O.S.H. workers (and they take their jobs very seriously!!!)

The kids made up their own company names and decided which products they wanted to make. I'm totally loving what we're doing because there is so much learning involved and the kids are really focussed because they feel like it really means something... they also like being 'paid' for their work!

Here's a bit of a 'sneak peek' at what each company will be selling on market day :)

Primo Soaps
This company is making soap balls. They've added some essential oils and rolled oats to help with the 'scrubbing' (exfoliating) LOL
This is their first batch. Their soaps smell great and they rolled them really well.
For their second batch they added a little colour to their original mix and they have a lovely soft blue colour.

Awesome Soapz
This is our second soap making company. They're using a completely different recipe and techniques. They are also using molds for their soaps. These soaps are silky smooth and the fragrance is absolutely divine!
They had a little soap left over (and no molds left) so they added some rolled oats and shaped them into balls :)

Slimy Bubbles
This group is making bath 'slime' for kids. Their first batch completely set which looked great but didn't achieve the desired effect.

This is their second batch. The 'slime' has just the right amount of 'setting' so that it really is like slime but it smells great and has a really neat pearlescent effect! Kids are going to want to buy this one!!

Salty Supreme
This is our bath salts company. They've got a great 'recipe' and they certainly have the whole 'working together as a group' thing sorted out!
Don't these bath salts look edible??? They have the most gorgeous candy colourings!

Kama Lip Gloss
The kids had a few issues with their recipe and in the end they've designed their own! They've done some great problem solving :)
These lip glosses look really fab all lined up along my classroom window :)

Power Bombz
Yes it's bath bombs!! These gorgeous bath bombs really do fizzle... the kids had to test them! LOL They've started making them with different colours and essential oils and they unmolded absolutely perfectly :)
Hard to tell from the photo but these bath bombs have a soft blue colour (and a vanilla fragrance)

More heart shaped bath bombz... these ones are a gorgeous soft green with tiny speckles of pink! And what do you do when you have more mix than you have molds for??? Well you make tiny bath bombs of course!
These little beauties were made using shaped ice cube trays. I forgot to get a photo of them unmolded but they just popped right out of the trays and are perfect!

Tomorrow the kids will be continuing to make their products and some will start on their packaging. They've got quite a lot to do before the end of the term but they're really focussed so I'm sure they'll get it all done!

Well done Room 4.... I'm super proud of you!
From Whaea Shelley xx

p.s. My classroom smells absolutely divine :)


  1. Wow room 4. You have made a fantastic job of your bath items. I can almost smell your products through my computer. They look soooooooo good. Fizzy and colourful. It's great. Well done. Can't wait to see how you package them. Keep up the good work.
    Whaea Shelley's Mummy !!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'll bet it smells good! :) Lovely work Room 4.

    Can I be a stirrer and suggest a green approach to packaging.. i.e. minimal ;-)


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