Saturday, August 28, 2010

We’ve been cleaning!!

I bet lots of you were surprised by this title…. you must know me too well!  I’ve always had a fairly loose relationship with housework… I go through DAYS of being tidy but it is usually followed by WEEKS/MONTHS of being untidy… but I think I’ve finally cracked it now :)

Last weekend Mikayla and I got stuck in and started to clean… not just tidy up but REALLY clean!  We vacuumed, dusted, polished, wiped, scrubbed and de-cluttered for 7 hours!  By the end of the day we felt ‘cleaned out’ but it was SO worth it!

Here’s the toilet… and yes I know it’s just like any other toilet LOL  But this has been scrubbed from top to bottom (including the door) and the wall paper that Miss Leila picked has been re-glued:IMG_0578 Then we moved onto the hall and then the lounge… how cool is this:IMG_0576We emptied the fire place of most of the ashes, dusted, vacuumed, did the window sills and skirting boards!IMG_0577 Both of the sofas had their cushions removed and vacuumed, the table was polished to within an inch of its life and the bookshelf and corner table both got dusted!IMG_0579 Next we got into the TV cabinet and sorted it out and then we moved the stereo off the kitchen bench and put it in a more useable place :)

We also cleaned up the dining room which is now my office…. it’s too cold to be in the craft room… especially when there’s a roaring fire in the lounge!IMG_0581 There’s still things to sort out there but the majority of it is done… and working well :)

The next job was the KITCHEN!  We have finally done away with the ‘stuff’ that was cluttering up the benches!!!IMG_0582 If you’ve ever been to my house you’ll remember that we used to have very little bench space because most of it was covered with piles of things… junk basically…. but no more!IMG_0583

This bench looks so much better with no stereo on it!  And no stereo means no clutter surrounding the stereo LOLIMG_0584 I just love this photo with my new ‘best friend’ Jif!  I’d forgotten just how amazing this stuff is… it certainly took a lot of the effort out of the cleaning!

And finally the fridge door:IMG_0585 Even the magnets have been cleaned and scrubbed!

We’ve been living in our newly cleaned house for a week now… and I’m very happy to report that those photos could have easily been taken today because it’s still SPOTLESS!!

So now I’m off to do some ‘fun things’ since the housework has all been done :)  Hope you all have a fab weekend xx


  1. Wow! looking real good Girlfriend! After getting a sneek peek at these photos I was inspired to do some housework myself yesterday. Liam was most impressed - "The living room looks great! Who did this?"

  2. OMG you girls have done a FANTASTIC Job..

  3. Looks great and inspires me to get my house sorted and clean not just tidy

  4. Love this new look, how is it going, girls?


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