Monday, August 2, 2010

What a busy weekend!

Well this weekend turned out to be even busier than I had expected!  Friday night and most of Saturday was taken up with Miss Krystal getting ready for the school ball… and it was totally worth it because she looked absolutely amazing!!!

When she went down to the hairdressers in the afternoon she was met with a wee present from me… her corsage and the buttonhole for Chris:corsage2I was really impressed because the red was absolutely perfect! 

Here’s Krystal’s hair… although they don’t really show up she actually had lots of pearls pinned in as well as some really fine black glitter was which very sparkly :)hairChris turned up looking very grown up with the tie to match Krystal’s dress:Chris Chris and his Mum found time for a quick laugh while they were waiting for Krystal:chris & liz And here’s Miss Krystal:Krystal 3She made her own dress and jewellery as well as the wrap so she did a fantastic job!

Chris looked pretty proud of her too:IMG_0493 There was a pre-ball event including ‘mocktails’ and all the parents were invited… it was also a great opportunity to see what the other girls were wearing:the girls Krystal and Chris had a brilliant night and were very tired but happy on Sunday!

I spent Sunday over at Waihi Beach teaching a scrapbooking class for the Young Artists group.  I was expecting around 8 children…. but 17 turned up!IMG_0525

We made easel cards and the kids had a wonderful time stamping, punching, tearing, inking, gluing and designing!

Here’s most of their cards: IMG_0532

The kids were all thrilled with their creativity and of course as the tutor that’s what we all like to hear!

I hope you all have a great week… Shell xx


  1. Beautiful photos Shell, Love the hair and clever girl for making her own dress. Gosh the kids did a great job!!
    those easel cards look great.

  2. What super Photo's Shell. Wow to Krystal for making her own dress as well as her jewels!!Clever Girl..Looks like you had a great day at waihi with the kids too what lovely cards..


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