Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giving back has it’s own rewards :)

Mikayla is really big on 'giving back' at the moment. A few days before her 16th birthday last week she said that she wanted to 'give back' and she'd decided she wanted to be a blood donor. She rang up and found out when she could donate - we have a temporary set up here in Rotorua.


Last Thursday I took her down after school and she filled in all the forms and read all the pamphlets and decided that she really wanted to do it!

They had a bit of trouble getting the veins working right... apparently she hadn't drunk enough water during the day. She was amazingly calm as the poked and prodded at her and when they got it all working right she had a HUGE grin on her face... sorry I forgot the camera!!

Unfortunately she bruised really badly over the next couple of days (which isn't normal):bruises

After she was done we went to the Rotorua night market and bought her these:flowers

She's all recovered now and the bruises are quickly disappearing... and she's all set to donate again in late January... except this time she's going to go with Grandma and they'll be donating together!!   Well done Mikayla... I'm really proud of you!

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