Sunday, October 31, 2010

It’s been eventful here!

On Wednesday it was the Rotorua ‘Pink Walk’ so Mikayla and I decided that we’d join in.  We’d already registered so then it was just a case of coming out with outfits to wear… and for those of you who have done the walk before you’ll know that some of the outfits are pretty outrageous!!

Here’s what Mikayla and I came up with:full length

Mikayla found the ‘perfect’ wig and she adorned it with a Canteen bandana (another cause we both support)… she also added these ‘cool’ pink tights!  As for me… I borrowed Mum’s ‘lucky’ petticoat, a hot pink shirt, feather boa, pink fluffy hair ties and this very cool jesters hat!close up

We met up with Nina from the Scrapbook Dreams night classes:IMG_0749

And quite a few of the teachers from school:IMG_0756



There was some Zumba to get us all warmed up:IMG_0755

Then we were off:crowd

Over 1800 people took part in the walk and it was loads of fun!  Just as we were getting to the end of the walk one of the organisers came up to us and handed us these:Tickets

Two tickets to the Four Nations test – Kiwis vs Papua New Guinea!  We’ve never been to a league game before (or even watched one of TV) so it was pretty exciting!

Last night Mikayla and I headed off to the league… and we had a GREAT introduction to the game!  It was fast… exciting… and just a brilliant night!   We sang the National Anthem with the crowds... cheered for both teams... had fantastic burgers... and took 138 photos!

So after LOTS of these:IMG_0870

And quite a few of these:IMG_0851

We ended up with this:IMG_0919

It took us ages to warm up last night but it was SO worth it!!  This morning I got quite a few photos printed off and created a double layout… haven’t done one of those in a LONG time!

Here’s the left side:Left

And here’s the right:Right

And here’s what it looks like all together:Whole

Once I worked out HOW to put it all together it was lots of fun… and YES I’m pretty thrilled with it!

Hope you have all had a good weekend too!  Shell xx

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  1. Wow, sounds like you had a great time!


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