Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 10th


Today was great!

We had our Rotorua Scrapbook Crop and it was a day filled with friends, creativity, food, chatter and plenty of laughs.

I took a couple of things to work on and as usual got very little done… but I came home feeling really good about my day!

We made sure we got a group photo with Toby!  He was so excited to see all his “Aunties” again… and he was REALLY excited to see Grandma!

Donna and Deborah asked if they could borrow a trolley to bring their stuff in… I thought they were joking!  These two had their whole room with them!!!  By comparison Mum was travelling REALLY light!

We really did have a great day!  I got Day 9 finished in my December Daily… which is the ONLY thing I completed!  But I did get quite a lot done on my big canvas I’m working on… there was paint and ink all over the place :)

Happy scrapping xxx


  1. What a great photo !
    Kisses from France !

  2. I was so sorry not to be there. Even though it was not in the least bit practical, I felt "left out", lol. So glad everyone had a great time. xoxo


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