Monday, December 12, 2011

December 11th


After all the excitement of yesterday Toby and I were both worn out today.

We had a really quiet day at home and I decided that it was about time I learned how to use Photoshop a bit more.

After watching and reading some online tutorials I was ready to start!

I had two good photos of Toby and his Santa hat that Grandma took yesterday… so I followed the steps, took out the colour… put the colour back into Toby’s hat… added a digital stamp… added a quote… and voila!

Then I practised making another photo strip… I think I might just have created my 2011 Christmas Card!

Today’s scan isn’t so great because the Santa hat embellishment was a bit too 3D… but it was too good to leave off the page… although there is a wee message for Grandma about it!

Dear Grandma… Mummy said that I wasn’t allowed to keep the Santa hat embellishment because it was perfect for HER album… but I did try to nick it off her!  Next time you should just give it to me and NOT TELL Mummy about it!!!  Love from “Tobles” xxx

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  1. What a great page Shell! You sure have mastered that photo strip and looks great! I love that you Photoshoped and popped the Xmas hat with colour - you are one clever chsick!! xoxo


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