Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 16th


Today was a ‘big’ day for Toby!  For weeks we’ve been whispering about him having his ‘little op’ on the 16th.

This morning he wasn’t allowed any breakfast… he kept trying to remind me about his biscuits!

By 8.30am we were on our way to the vets.  He got weighed (22.1 kg) and then had to go into a CAGE!  You would have thought it was the end of the world.

When I filled out his form it had CASTRATION written in big letters.  I mentioned that this word didn’t sound very nice and she (the vet nurse) jokingly asked if “nuts removal” was better!

Poor Toby had to wear a cone but he hated it so much that by dinner time it was OFF!

I’m happy to say that Toby is much happier now!  He was quite wound up and couldn’t seem to get comfortable although he was happy to jump up onto the sofa like usual.  He’s an even bigger ‘Mummas Boy’ than normal but I’m sure he’ll be fine :)

Happy scrapping everyone xx

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  1. Thanks for your visit. i like how you write your journaling, i like because it's handmade.
    Kisses from France !


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