Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 15th


School is DONE!  After all the stress of the past few weeks, school is actually finished for the year!  Now I’ll be able to get into some projects… spend more time with Mr Toby… and just generally relax.

Today I got busy making my Christmas cards and I’m pretty thrilled with them!  For me they’re not just cards… they’re an example of my latest learning on Photoshop as well.

I’m also having  fun writing messages because all the cards are being sent from Toby :)  It’s a bit like sending a card from your kids really!

There’s still lots of festive things to do around here, but for the first time today it really started to feel like Christmas is coming!

I’m so looking forward to these holidays now… we’ve got a BIG event tomorrow and then hopefully I’ll start making my way through my ‘festive list’ of things I’d like to do before Christmas :)

Happy scrapping xx

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  1. Fab DD pages! I love the photo of you and your fur baby. :)


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