Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 20th


After days and days of rain we finally got to see the sun today.

Krystal and I went into town to get all our goodies for making gingerbread houses and then by the time we got home we didn’t feel in the mood to bake.

Meanwhile I managed to get some washing done and hung out on the line.  Thank goodness for the sunshine!

Toby was enjoying the sunshine too!  He wanted to play in the back yard but all this rain has made the grass grow.  After going to get petrol for the mower I got started on the lawns.  My goodness… they were really long!

With lots of washing done and most of the lawns cut it’s been a pretty good day.

It was so nice to be outside in the sunshine after all the rain we’ve been having here.  Hopefully we’ll have a lot more sunshine from now on!

Happy scrapping xx

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  1. Good for you Shell! Just as well you can't see the state of my lawns, lol. xoxo


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