Friday, December 23, 2011

December 21st


After buying all the sweets for our gingerbread houses we decided that today was the day.

Krystal baked her house pieces early and then headed off to see Chris.  I noticed that all her pieces stayed soft so I tried a different recipe.

Yippee!  Mine worked!  Nice crisp pieces of gingerbread and the house smelt divine.

When Krystal got home she tried again and this time hers all burnt!  She was in a panic because she’s off to Auckland tomorrow.

In the end I ‘gave’ her my house which she decorated beautifully!  She was so pleased with it and it looked great.  The only thing is that now I have to start from scratch again!

I hope my generosity got me lots of “good mother” points!

Today just wasn’t Krystal’s day for baking!  Her first house set stayed soft… the second house set burnt… and then she tried making her Dad some chocolate and chilli truffles.  She measured everything out and said she followed the recipe but…. they just didn’t set!

We left the mixture in the fridge overnight and nope… they’re still runny!  The mix tastes good though so maybe we could use it for ice cream sundae sauce?

Happy baking xx

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