Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 26th


If I had to describe today in just one word it would be… TIRED!

Toby and I stayed home today… he didn’t want to go for a W.A.L.K. and I didn’t feel like taking him.  Instead we lazed about in the lounge and then Toby played with some of his new toys.

In the afternoon I decided to go and read my new book… Sue Grafton is such a good writer!  Mr Toby joined me and was snoring in seconds.

We both dozed off and I woke up to the familiar ‘click’ of the camera.  Miss Mikayla decided we looked so ‘cute’ she had to get a photo!

We did make it back out to the lounge… but it was only to watch T.V.  Hopefully all this rest today will help me get my mojo kick started… I’ve got projects to do!

I was really surprised that Toby didn’t want to go for a W.A.L.K. (and YES I do spell out that word when I’m talking LOL).  He usually loves going for walks… I guess all the excitement of Santa, presents, wrapping paper and treats must have worn him out!

He’s such a Mumma’s boy… everywhere I go he wants to go too.  It’s actually really lovely although I know he’s going to be very upset when I have to go back to school after the summer holidays… and just quietly I think I’ll be missing him terribly as well!

Happy Holidays xx

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