Monday, December 26, 2011

December 25th


Today was absolutely awesome!  We had great weather, fab food and family all together… with the exception of Krystal who we all really missed!  But we did get to talk to her on the phone.

We had such a relaxing day.  Tracey had decorated her home with balloons and streamers and there was a really festive mood in the air.

The kids played happily… Katey and Simon were like big kids… everyone was happy!

Every year Mum tries to get a ‘sister’ shot… and this year it’s not too bad.

Toby loved his first Christmas!

It’s really neat when all the family gets together for something fun… and Christmas day was a LOT of fun!

Auntie and Uncle kept spoiling Toby with little treats from the table… he now LOVES chicken and ham!  Plus Auntie made him his own ice cream in a cone for pudding :)

Katey and Simon were acting like big kids all day… they had us all laughing!

Mum was super ‘snap happy’ and managed to take a grand 199 photos!  There’s lots of great shots so I’ll be scrapbooking some of them soon :)

All in all it was a pretty fabulous day!

Merry Christmas everyone xx

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